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Total Gym XLS Home Gym

total-gym-xls-trainer-1Total Gym XLS Home Gym is a gravity-based resistance system that creates a smooth and fluid workout routine. It is very compact exercise machine when compared with other home gyms, but it has limits in number and type of exercises and resistance.

Updated: August 10, 2020.

Total Gym XLS Home Gym Features

- Top-of-the-line home fitness device for strengthening and sculpting all muscle groups

- Gravity-based resistance system creates smooth and fluid workout routine

- Upgraded pulley and cable system, squat stand, and glide board (with head support)

- Comes with Pilates kit, strap handles, leg pull accessory, and wing attachment

- Supports up to 400 pounds (182 kg)

total-gym-xls-trainer-2The Total Gym XLS also comes with a complete line of workouts and workout tools, taking the guesswork out of getting into shape. The workouts and tools include:

total-gym-xls-trainer-4- The Total Gym XLS, which comes with a leg pull accessory, folds up compactly for storage.

- Start It Up: An introductory Total Gym XLS workout

- 6-8 Minute Workout: 12 work-along workouts for men and women pressed for time

- Smart Training Workout: An efficient workout employing slow, precise movements to target specific muscles

- Pilates for Total Gym: Enjoy the incredible benefits of a Pilates workout without leaving the home

- Body Makeover for Total Gym: High-energy, high-powered workout

- Simple at-a-glance exercise wall chart with 35 exercises

- Total Gym training deck

- Nutritional program and meal plan

- No assembly required

- Folds for easy storage

- Dimensions Unfolded: 19" W x 90" L x 43" H

- Dimensions Folded: 19" W x 51" L x 9" H


Few Notes:

- when compared with 'common' home gyms, Total Gym XLS has a limited number of exercises, but several attachments can be purchased independently, depending on your personal preferences.

- list price for this piece of equipment is set really too high (2000$ or so...). So, before buying it, check 'real' price since it can vary and it is much much lower than list price.

- be careful when folding this home gym - don't put fingers in places where they can get caught.

- set of variable dumbbells can be a great addition to this exercise equipment

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