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Total Gym APEX G5 Review

The APEX G5 is the most advanced model in the new, more economical range of home gyms by Total Gym. Seemingly, the Apex range is an updated version of their older, numerically named models that too were budget-friendly.

Especially the G5 has a striking mix of features and specs such as 10 resistance levels, a padded squat stand, access to 80 workouts, and several attachments, which make this model stand out among the rest of the Total Gym models.

Published: August 16, 2021.

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Total Gym APEX G5 Specifications

- Dimensions when unfolded: 93 x 15.5 x 43.25 inches (236.22 x 39.37 x 109.85 cm) (L x W x H)

- Weight: 191.8 lbs. (87 kg)

- Maximum user weight capacity: 375 lbs. (170 kg)

- Levels of resistance (Incline positions): Body-weight resistance, 10 levels

- Warranty: 1 year

Features of Total Gym APEX G5


A great thing about all the Total Gym models is that they come pre-assembled. The Apex G5 is no exception. Users don’t have to assemble it; they just have to unfold it.

Although unfolding is quite easy, users might have to do it a few times to get comfortable with it. But once users get comfortable, they can fold and unfold it within minutes. Once unfolded, they’ll have to include whichever attachments they want to use for the day’s exercise session.

Also, no tools are required for attaching or detaching attachments; push pins make the process easy and quick.

Frame and Construction

The Total Gym Apex G5 has a solid, sturdy steel frame that consists of cylindrical and rectangular tubes. The frame comprises of 3 main parts – two that make the rail system for the sliding board and the third part serves as the height adjustment bar.


With transportation wheels on its front and rear base, the Apex G5 can be easily relocated wherever users want.

Foldable Design

Just like other Total Gym models, the Apex G5 also features a foldable space-saving design, with which it can be conveniently stored under a bed or in a closet or any small corner after the workout.


Weight Capacity

The Apex G5 comes with a maximum weight capacity of 375 lbs. This is quite impressive for the price. With this high weight capacity, this home gym can safely hold most users.

Glide Board

The Glide board of Apex G5 is ergonomically designed. It has thick foam padding and a pillow headrest to let users exercise comfortably and enjoy it. It’s covered with a durable vinyl covering which is sweat-proof and black in color. Once users choose the desired height of the glide board, that position is securely auto-locked.


Although Total Gym models have undergone some changes over the years, some basic principles on which they work have remained the same. They use users’ body weight and gravity as resistance. All of them comprise of a sliding board to let the user rest on and an adjustable base. Also, all of them feature a set of pulleys with handles that can be used to perform various moves.

However, there are some differentiating factors that give a particular model its identity. These are the number of workouts, levels of resistance, overall stability, attachments included, and, of course, prices.

Thus, the number of workouts that can be performed is a primary point that differs from model to model. These depend largely on the attachments included – the more attachments, the more is the variety in workouts.

As far as Apex G5 is concerned, the number of workouts that users can choose from is as huge as 80. These include upper and lower body moves and a number of trunk and core strengthening workouts. This number of workouts is greater than the slightly pricier Total Gym Supreme, and the same as most higher-end models.

The number of workouts is so high because they’ve counted double leg versions of moves separately from the single-leg versions (e.g. squats).

Also, as with all Total Gym models, the pulley systems provide scores of ranges of motions enabling the user to perform plenty of different upper extremity and lower extremity moves.

All in all, the Apex G5 is pretty versatile.



The next factor that differentiates the Apex G5 from other Total Gym models is the attachments included. It has the following attachments:

Squat Stand: This is an important attachment that enables users to perform squatting/lunging moves (the bigger, the better).

Wing Attachment: This is a wide set of handles that enable users to perform a great range of pull up and pressing moves.

Leg Pull Accessory: This allows users to do a variety of leg moves, such as abductions, hip extensions, etc.

Dip Bars: These attach to the frame, enabling users to do dips and other workouts to target delts, triceps, and pecs.

Training Deck with Holder: This can be conveniently used for holding users’ training guide, so users can view it all through the workouts.

Apart from the above-mentioned attachments, buyers also get an exercise guide, nutritional guide, workout DVD, user manual, 2 stability mats, and access to Total Gym TV. With Total Gym TV, users can stream Total Gym workouts 24/7 from any device with an internet connection.

Levels of Resistance (Incline Positions)

total gym apex 2

Another differentiating factor that makes the Apex G5 stand apart from the rest of the Total Gym models is the levels of resistance. The G5 offers 10 resistance levels (incline positions) which is quite impressive for a model in this price range. The levels of resistance on any Total Gym model are associated with the height adjustments or incline positions on the glide board.

When the user adjusts the glide board to a higher level (makes it more vertical), the resistance level the user feels increases because the user has to lift a higher percentage of their body weight, and vice versa when they lower the height.

At the highest level i.e. 10th incline position, the G5 will provide a workout load of around 60% of the user’s total body weight. If the user’s weight is equal to the maximum user weight capacity of the machine i.e. 375 lbs., the user can get a maximum workout load of 225 lbs. (102 kg). From the bottom (lowest level) to the top, each incline position will add to the workout load by around 5%-6% of the user’s total body weight.

All this works on the principle of gravity. The more vertical the board is, the more the user has to fight against gravity, whereas the more horizontal the board is, the less they have to fight against gravity.

Since the pulley/slide board system not only offers a great workout variety but also it enables users to workout using their own body weight, it’s a truly genius system.

Having as many as 10 levels of resistance (incline positions) is a great feature because it offers users more control to fine-tune the intensity of their exercises. It also offers users more room to grow as they get stronger.

However, users can use this machine as a bench for dumbbell workouts too. But they should make sure that their own body weight plus the dumbbells’ weight doesn’t go beyond the maximum user weight capacity of the machine.


The Apex G5 needs very little maintenance. Users just have to keep the unit clean, particularly the rails to avoid any damage to the bench rollers. However, they’ll have to lubricate the pulleys time and again. In addition to this, they’ll have to check if there are any loose parts and bolts and tighten them as required.


The Total Gym Apex G5 is backed by a warranty of 1 year all-inclusive. Although this may seem short, it’s not very bad for the price. Also, as all Total Gym models are well-known for their excellent construction, the risk of these gyms breaking down is quite low.

Pros of Total Gym APEX G5

- Sturdy construction

- Extremely versatile and offers full-body workout

- Foldable, space-saving design

- 375 lbs. maximum user weight capacity

- Glide board with thick cushioning

- Glide board can also be used as a bench for dumbbell exercises

- Offers over 80 workouts

- Effortless transition from one workout to another

- 10 levels of resistance or incline positions

- Safe and low-impact workout

- 5 attachments included

- Two stability mats included

- Access to Total Gym TV

- Nutritional guide and exercise guide included

- Quiet operation

- No assembly required

- Easy maintenance

- Affordably priced

Cons of Total Gym APEX G5

- Warranty perhaps could be better

- Not suitable for advanced strength training or bodybuilding

Bottom Line

total gym apex mJust like other models of Total Gym, the Total Gym APEX G5 is an excellent home gym that can provide full-body strengthening and conditioning exercises that are low impact enough to be safe for users of most ages and fitness levels.

Moreover, it offers an amazing mix of attachments and resistance levels for the price, to bring a great variety in users’ workouts.

Although this model doesn’t feature a heavy weight stack like other home gyms and thus is not meant for advanced strength training and bodybuilding, it certainly offers users a chance to perform a great range of workouts and work all muscles during each exercise.

Thus, one can build and tone up virtually all muscles, build stamina, burn calories and lose weight, and even get cardio training, without having to go to a gym.

The large squat stand, as well as wing and dip attachments make workouts more enjoyable. Although the warranty perhaps could be better, users don’t have to worry as these home gyms are well-built and known to last.

All in all, those looking for a total body workout at home with a home gym at an affordable price should consider buying the Apex G5.

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