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Marcy Stack Dual Function Home Gym MKM-81010 Review

Marcy Stack Dual Function MKM-81010 Home Gym has got many similarities with MWM-990. However, it does have many extra features, including an adjustable backrest, main press having two positions and a heavier weight stack. Although it’s not a commercial grade machine, it’s great for home use since it creates the possibility of more than 30 different workouts.

Also, it’s budget-friendly due to a weight stack made of a concrete/vinyl combo, unlike other similar machines that have a cast iron stack, for example Powerline P1X.

Published: November 22, 2019.

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Specifications of Marcy Stack MKM-81010

- Dimensions when assembled: 73.25” x 36” x 83.5” (L x W x H)

- Weight: 374 lbs.

- Maximum user weight capacity: 300 lbs.

- Maximum weight resistance: 291 lbs. back press

- Stack weight: 200 lbs.

- Warranty: 2 years limited

Features of Marcy Stack MKM-81010


The Marcy MKM-81010 requires full assembly. Because of the weight of the unit and several parts, it’s recommended that two people do the assembly. Assembly may take more than 3-4 hours.

However, all necessary instructions are provided by the manual, in a detailed way, and the schematics are represented very clearly. Tools needed for the assembly are three Allen wrenches, an adjustable wrench, a rubber mallet and a Phillips screwdriver.

Frame and Construction

The frame of Marcy Stack MKM-81010 is made of 2x2.5”, heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel tubing. The base frame structure sports rectangular tubing whereas the press arms and many other parts are cylindrical. Thus, although this is not a commercial gym machine, it’s constructed with superior durability in mind.


Marcy Stack MKM-81010 is smaller when compared to other gym machines like Marcy SM-4008. Its footprint when assembled is only around 73.25” x 36” (L x W). However, it’s advisable to allot a usage area of minimum 90” x 70” for the machine so that users can perform all the workouts correctly. Also, it should be remembered that height of the fully assembled Marcy Stack MKM-81010 machine is around 84”. Thus, it can be a very tight fit in a room having a ceiling height of 7 feet.

Heavy Machine

Taken the fact into consideration that MKM-81010 comes with a weight stack weight around 200 lbs. the fully assembled machine is pretty heavy. Overall it weighs around 374 lbs. (170 kg). Therefore it’s difficult and impractical to move the machine elsewhere once assembled.

In the end, machine is heavy, but robust and sturdy and it is recommended to position it on the permanent location - home gym floor mats may be used to protect the flooring.

gym floor mat


Although the unit doesn’t feature adjustable stabilizers, it does have many rubber pads which offer it an excellent grip on the floor. Also due to its weight, it doesn’t wobble or move during workout.

Comfortable Cushioning

The machine sports a quite large seat, having around 2” (5cm) foam padding for the best comfort. It even features durable vinyl upholstery. Similar cushioning has been featured on the leg developer unit for its rollers. They are 4” (10cm) thick, offering the needed comfort for stand-up leg curls or leg extensions.

Adjustable Backrest

Since the backrest of MKM-81010 is adjustable, it offers many front-back adjustments in positions. The distance between the seat and the floor is around 23” (58cm) whereas that between the handles of the press and the floor is around 37” (94cm).

However, the unit may not be the best for users having a height of more than 6 feet (180cm), since they may not be able to get a full range of motion for some workouts, such as fly press or front press. Besides, the seat assembly is assessed for a user weight capacity of 300 lbs. (136 kg).

Pulley System

The MKM-81010 integrates 14 pulleys made from strong nylon material and furnished with sealed ball bearings for long-term use. The cables are in the form of steel ropes wrapped in a thin sheet of PVC material. They are ranked for a much higher tension than the maximum 291 lbs. tension which this unit can provide. Users can adjust cable tension by moving the lower pulley up or down in the double pulley bracket located behind the machine’s main vertical tube.


When it comes to accessories, the Marcy MKM-81010 includes an ankle cuff, a short curved curl bar, the lat pulldown bar, an extension chain and a standard D-handle with a rubberized grip.

Workout Stations and Attachments

The Marcy MKM-81010 sports five main workout stations as follows:

Press/Fly Station

Press/fly station is the machine’s main workout station. It features double functionality and two adjustment positions. Users can use it for seated mid rows and front presses, and pec fly exercises. It sports two big cushioning pads for additional comfort during fly presses and a set of simple grips for the regular horizontal press.

The front press generates the maximum weight resistance of around 270 lbs. (122 kg), whereas if set to back position, because of the additional leverage, the maximum resistance reaches 291 lbs. (132 kg).

Half Pulley Station

This workout station enables the implementation of triceps press downs, ab crunches, lat pulldown exercises and more. It makes use of only one pulley. An extension chain and the lat pulldown are included.

Low Pulley Station

This workout station enables the implementation of several exercises including stand up rows, standing up biceps curls, seated rows and many more. A stepping platform is featured in the front part of the frame that helps users maintain their balance during the standing up workouts.

Leg Developer Attachment

Leg developer attachment is a standard home gym attachment for leg extensions. However, users can even perform standing up leg curls while using only one leg at the time.

Preacher Pad Attachment

Preacher pad attachment is included with the Marcy MKM-81010 and features a thick layer of padding particularly, at the top, similar to the backrest and the seat. It provides user an opportunity to execute seated preacher curls and the package includes the small curved bar needed for this kind of workouts.


Weight Stacks and Resistance System

The unit features a standard cable gym machine resistance system and a weight stack system containing 13 main weight plates and the top selector plate is included. Each plate has a weight of around 16 lbs. (7.2 kg) whereas the top selector plate has a weight of around 8 lbs. (3.6 kg). Hence the total estimated weight of the stack is around 200 lbs. (91 kg).

Each workout station of Marcy MKM-81010 offers different outcomes in terms of weight resistance.

Each of the weight plates that are included is made from concrete material and is covered with a heavy-duty vinyl shell. Obviously, these plates are less durable than the standard cast iron plates. However, because this is a home gym system, they won’t undergo the wear and tear that the plates on a commercial gym machine do. So, they can last lifelong even with daily use.

There are two main benefits of this kind of weight stack. Firstly the machine is remarkably cheaper and secondly the contact of the plates doesn’t create too much noise while a user is using the machine.

Safety Feature on Weight Stack

weight stack lockNot only the weight stacks of Marcy MKM-81010 have solid protective covers, but also they have a weight stack lock for extra safety.

Ease of Use

Marcy MKM-81010 is easy and comfortable to use. All handles and arm developers have good grips, so that users can easily hold them and work out with reliability. Also the dual function arm developer as well as leg developer feature nice foam padding, making this home gym unit extremely comfortable to use.

Exercises that can be done include: Stand-up biceps curls, Seated biceps curls, Concentration curls, Preacher curls, Triceps kickbacks, Triceps extensions, Triceps pressdowns, Low pulley trunk rotations, Ab pulldowns, Upright rows, Mid rows, Seated rows, Deltoid raises, Fly presses, Chest presses, Lat pulldowns, High cable cross-overs, Leg adductions, Leg abductions, Leg extensions, Squats, Kickbacks, and more…

Marcy MKM-81010 Maintenance

The Marcy MKM-81010 doesn’t require much maintenance once it’s assembled. Users may have to lubricate pulleys regularly and light oil is recommended for the lubrication. If users lubricate them during the assembly, they may not need further lubrication for a prolonged time.

Pros of Marcy MKM-81010

- Sturdy construction

- Maximum comfort with thick and durable vinyl upholstery, with stable padding

- Foam roller padding on the leg developer attachment and chest press bars

- Adjustable backrest

- A comparatively small footprint for a home gym system

- Up to 291 lbs. weight resistance

- Several workout stations and attachments

- Exercise chart included

- Lat bar included

- D-handle included

- Ankle strap included

- Short curl bar included

- Removable preacher curl pad for biceps – being able to remove it makes the machine useful for other exercises

- Dual function arm developer for flies and presses

- Dual function leg developer

- Little maintenance needed

Cons of Marcy MKM-81010

- Users cannot upgrade the included weight stack

- Not suitable to users taller than 6’

- Seat is not adjustable

- Not easily portable to users’ spot of choice due to heaviness

- Certain design flaws make some tall users uncomfortable

- Assembly is difficult for some users, needs two people and is time-consuming

Marcy Home Gyms Comparison

Marcy manufactures several weight stack home gyms differing in dimensions, weight stack size, pulley systems, accessories and other important details.

The following chart lists several, very popular, Marcy's home gyms:

Model Marcy MKM-81030 Marcy MKM-1101 Marcy MWM-990 Marcy MWM-4965 Marcy MKM-81010
Photo table mkm 81030 table mkm 1101 table mwm 990 table mwm 4965 table mkm 81010
Weight Stack 100 pounds 120 pounds 150 pounds 150 pounds 200 pounds
(L x W x H)
56.5 x 34 x 79.5 inches 61 x 37 x 79 inches 68 x 36 x 79 inches 68 x 36 x 79 inches 52 x 39 x 80 inches
Pulley System Upper, Lower Upper, Lower Upper, Lower Upper, Mid, Lower Upper, Lower
Press Arm Motions Chest Press, Butterfly Press Chest Press, Butterfly Press Chest Press, Butterfly Press Chest Press, Butterfly Press Chest Press, Butterfly Press, Lat Row
Preacher Curl Pad No No Yes (Removable) No Yes (Removable)
Abs Station No No No Yes No
Leg Developer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximum User Weight 300 pounds 300 pounds 300 pounds 300 pounds 300 pounds
Accessories Lat Bar, Shiver Bar, Anktle Strap, Single Handle Lat Bar, Shiver Bar, Anktle Strap, Single Handle Lat Bar, Ankle Strap Lat Bar, Ankle Strap, Abdominal Strap, Single Handle Lat Bar, Shiver Bar, Anktle Strap, Single Handle
Amazon Link Marcy MKM-81030 Marcy MKM-1101 Marcy MWM-990 Marcy MWM-4965 Marcy MKM-81010

Note: Amazon affiliate links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for most up-to-date prices and offers.

Marcy Stack Dual Function MKM-81010 Home Gym sharest many similarities with other weight stack home gyms, including many extra features not always found on other units. These features include an adjustable backrest, main press having two positions, a heavier weight stack, etc.

Although Marcy MKM-81010 is not a commercial grade exercise machine, it’s great for home use since it offers more than 30 different exercises.

Compare the prices:

Additional features, accessories and in the end exercises, increase the end price, but this is one time fee, for the exercise machine that may serve the user for many years to come...

Bottom Line

Considering the 200 lbs. vinyl/concrete weight stack, 291 lbs. maximum weight resistance, 5 main workout stations and a possibility to perform over 30 exercises, Marcy MKM-81010 is an excellent home gym system for beginners as well as intermediate users because it can work out almost every muscle in users’ body. It’s reasonably priced too and offers the best bang for users’ buck.

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