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Marcy MD-9010G Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings

Marcy MD-9010G Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings is free weights home gym exercise machine with Smith System for increased safety and muscle isolation. It is a big and sturdy home gym exercise machine that comes with a nice price tag, especially considering that weights are not included.

Price of exercise machine and enough weights can be significant, but if you a serious athlete who wants to workout at the privacy of your home, consider this one - what you pay is what you get.

Published: June 20, 2020.

marcy diamond elite smith cage 1

Marcy MD-9010G looks like some kind of torturing device and very confusing machine, but in reality, one gets used to it very quickly.

Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Features

Unit comes with sealed linear ball bearings which provide ultra smooth, continuous pressing motion.

To improve safety and workout experience in general, there are 9 lockout positions for the barbell and with adjustable bar catches.

marcy diamond elite smith cage 5Cable crossover and vertical pec-dec are designed using independent motion upper pulleys.

For various rows, unit is equipped with low pulley with foot rest plate.

Cables are strong and durable - aircraft rated at 2000 lb tensile strength while pulleys are 3.75″ (~9.5 cm) nylon reinforced with sealed bearings.

Guide rods - 1″ (2.54 cm) steel chrome plated. Guide rods could be stiffer, since they wobble a little bit, especially if the bar is heavily loaded and the user is near the max weight. This can even make difficult to rack the bar, but if something goes wrong, safety stops will protect the user from injuries.

Weight bench is independent and can be adjusted from military, inclines, flat and decline angles.

Unit also includes removable preacher pad and leg developer, shiver bar, ankle strap, link chains, two single handles and triceps rope.

Manufacturers warranty is 2 Years Limited Parts. For unit like this, I expected better warranty conditions, but since people sometimes tend to be careless even with their own exercise equipment, this warranty is, IMHO, acceptable.

marcy diamond elite smith cage 2It is very big machine and one has to reserve extra space for it.

Unit Height: 85 inches / 7.08 ft / 216 cm

Total Width: 80 inches / 6.66 ft / 203 cm

Note: MD-9010G accepts 7 feet (213 cm) olympic style barbell, so total width is actually a width of the barbell.

Width Of the Cage: 45 inches / 3.75 ft / 114 cm

Highest Point to Highest Point: 50 inches / 4.16 ft / 127 cm

Full Length Cage and Bench: 100 inches / 8.33 ft / 254 cm

Length of the Cage Only: 70 inches / 5.83ft / 178 cm

As one can see, this is big piece of exercise equipment and for comfortable workouts, Marcy MD-9010G home gym requires at least 12x14 feet (3.65x4.25 m), preferably 14x16 feet (4.25 x 4.9 m) area with high enough ceiling.

Due to weight of the unit and all the weights which can be stored on weight plate storage holders, it is highly recommended to position the unit on the permanent location on very solid floor. If you have sensitive floors, consider purchasing high quality and rather thick home gym floor mats.

marcy diamond elite smith cage 3Maximum allowed user’s weight: 300 lbs / 136kg

Maximum weights on the rack: 600 lbs / 272kg

Maximum weights on the Leg Developer: 100 lbs / 45kg

Maximum weights on the Pulley System: 200 lbs / 90kg

When bought, unit comes in three large and rather heavy boxes:

Box 1 Dimensions: 84″ x 20″ x 8″ (237 lbs / 107 kg)

Box 2 Dimensions: 43″ x 20.5″ x 8″ (115 lbs / 52 kg)

Box 3 Dimensions: 60″ x 24″ x 7″ (85 lbs / 39 kg)

Assembly instructions come with the unit, but even people experienced with DIY projects will require several hours to assemble the unit. If you don't like such activities, consider purchasing a visit by technician(s), if available at your store. He/they will assemble the unit properly and test it on the spot.

When being assembled, it should be done in the room where unit will be kept permanently - although it doesn't have transport wheels, when off-loaded, 3-4 adults can move it around easily. But why bother with it? Place it where you want to have it and forget move it around.

If you are eager to try your new 'toy' right away, remember that unit doesn't come with weights - if you have an olympic bar and enough weights at home, you can start the workout right away.

 Marcy MD-9010G List of Available Exercises

List of available exercises is rather long, some people even mentioning 100 or even more different exercises which can be done using this home gym. However, most common exercises include:

marcy diamond elite smith cage 4- Triceps: Triceps Push-down, Triceps Press, Triceps Kickbacks, Overhead Rope Extensions;

- Biceps: Preacher Curls, Hammer Rope Curls, Cable Curls, High Cable Curls;

- Chest: Smith or Free Weight Incline, Flat, Decline Presses, Pec-Dec, Dumbbell Flyes, Cable Crossovers;

- Back: Wide/Narrow Lat Pull-Down, Bent Over Rows, Seated Rows, Single Arm Rows;

- Shoulders and Traps: Shoulder Press, Lateral Raises, Front Raises, Upright Rows, Shrugs;

- Legs: Squats, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Dead-lifts, Front/Back Lunges;

- Abs: Cable Crunches, Weighted Leg Raises, Woodchoppers.

Actual list of possible exercises is limited only by available equipment and weights and by user's imagination. However, in most cases, basic list of exercises can do wonders.

Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym - is it worth it or not?

Well, price of this unit varies, but even if you find it on sale, you still needs some weights and this can increase the price even further.

On the other hand, this is free weights unit and it provide 'real feel' when working out, something that resistance rods or weight stack home gyms simply can't do.

If you need free weights home gym exercise machine, and especially if you already have required weight plates, consider this unit.

For more information, reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Marcy MD-9010G Diamond Elite Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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