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Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand

Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand are classic squat stands suitable for heavy squats, but can be also used for various bench presses or even pull-ups. It comes at acceptable price for such sturdy piece of equipment.

valor fitness bd 9 power squat stand 1

With maximum bar height of 6'5" (~196cm) and maximum recommended weight of 500 pounds (~227kg), Valor BD-9 is made with heavy lifting in mind. Posts have 5 inch chrome back plates for catching bar as trainee moves back to the stand. Plate storage pegs are used for storing weights, but also for increasing stability of the stand.

Nonetheless, during squats and other exercises with heavy loads, it is highly recommended to have a spotter.

Posts can be positioned on various surfaces, carpets included, but for maximum stability, positioned them on surfaces like concrete and similar. Also, it is possible to fix stand directly to the floor using bolts, but that is not supported officially. Fortunately, the base is adjustable - extending it gives it a bigger footprint with and the added weight it is rather stable. This is still far from squat racks and especially squat cages, but better than most squat stand models.

On the other hand, after one finishes a workout, posts can be lowered to lowest position and stored away easily - something that can't be done with squat rack or cage.

When a squat rack is not an option for various reason, squat stands are a great addition to a home gym - commercial gyms should use at least squat racks, preferably cages.

As said before, there are numerous exercises that can be done using this squat stand - practically any exercise that require bar (straight or EZ bar) to be positioned on certain height.

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