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OMA 5105EB Home Treadmill Review

The OMA 5105EB Home Treadmill is a promising exercise machine for home use for an affordable price.

It has a number of features, and is capable of offering a variety of exercises that users can enjoy and be motivated.

Published: January 29, 2022.

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OMA 5105EB Home Treadmill Specifications

- Dimensions when assembled: 62.4 x 27 x 51.6 inches (158 x 68 x 131 cm) (L x W x H)

- Weight when assembled: 110 lbs. (50 kg)

- Motor: 2.25 HP Max

- Maximum user weight capacity: 220 lbs. (100 kg)

- Dimensions of tread belt: 50 x 16.5 inches (127 x 42 cm) L x W)

- Incline: Manual, 3 levels

- Speed: 0.6 to 8.1 MPH

- Warranty: 1-year parts warranty

Features of OMA 5105EB Home Treadmill


Assembly of the OMA 5105EB is quite easy because the motor, belt, rollers and other drive elements come pre-assembled. Thus, users just have to attach the console and the two upright bars. This can be done within 30 minutes. User’s manual provided detailed assembly instructions and basic tools are included.


Just like most other treadmills, the OMA 5105EB Home Treadmill too has a steel frame. However, since it’s made for home use, it’s not as solid and strong as a light-commercial or commercial model. Therefore, it’s quite lightweight. Still, it’s quite stable.

All the steel parts have a corrosion-resistant paint finish. The color is black and the company’s logo is painted in white.

The frame includes several parts made of durable ABS plastic too, such as motor cover and side rail covers.


As mentioned earlier, the OMA 5105EB Home Treadmill is quite stable with its weight of 110 lbs. (50 kg). Plus, its front base is equipped with a stabilizer.


The OMA 5105EB when fully assembled is a big machine for home use. It’s around 62.4″ (158 cm) long and 27″ (68 cm) wide. In addition, it’s recommended to leave a clearance of two feet on each side and of three feet on the rear side of the deck for safe access and operation.

Folding Design

The OMA 5105EB has a folding deck that uses a triangular hydraulic support which lowers the deck slowly while unfolding. The folding design saves up to 30% of the space.


The OMA 5105EB Home Treadmill can be moved easily by one person with the transport wheels integrated into the front base.

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The console of the OMA 5105EB is pretty basic. It neither has Bluetooth connectivity nor can it connect to any online fitness app. However, it has three LCD displays and a Fitness Monitor which show workout stats like time, distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned. Distance and speed are shown only in metric units i.e. kilometers and km/h respectively.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The handlebars of the unit integrate heart rate sensors which users should hold firmly so as to get their pulse shown on the console.

Workout Programs

The OMA 5105EB offers 36 workout programs that consist of diverse workouts like interval-based workouts, light workouts, and workouts focused on cardiovascular health.
The unit offers 3 user programs too. Thus each user can design their own program settings to access it quickly.

Running Deck

The running deck of the OMA 5105EB offers a surface 50″L x 16.5″W (127L x 42W cm). It can accommodate users of height up to 6’0″ (183 cm). Taller users can nonetheless use the machine, but they may not get the benefit of a full stride at the full speed of the belt. The deck is rated for a maximum user weight capacity of 220 lbs. (100 kg).

The running deck is equipped with a 6-layer belt with its top layer rubberized for excellent grip. It’s also equipped with many side cushioning elements that reduce the impact on users’ joints. The rollers integrated in the belt have a crowned design for excellent traction and enhanced lifespan of the belt. The high-quality ball bearings integrated in them offer a smooth belt motion.

Incline System

The OMA 5105EB features a manual incline system. Users can lock the deck’s rear stabilizers into three positions. To set the deck to a horizontal position, they have to insert the pins in their top positions. On the other hand, if they completely fold the rear stabilizers, they get an incline of around 4°. This is far less than the incline offered by a commercial treadmill; however, even a 4° incline can offer a considerable level of difficulty to the workout. The middle setting of the incline is around 2°.

Step-up Height

When the incline is set at 0°, the step-up height of the deck is around 7″ (18 cm). Hence it’s recommended to use the machine in a room where the ceiling height is at least 10″ (25.4 cm) more than the user’s own height.

Drive Motor

The motor of the OMA 5105EB is DA-225 and is equipped with a small flywheel for additional stability. It can offer 2.25 peak horsepower for running longer than 40 minutes.

However, users should remember that the motor cannot withstand running at full speed for longer than an hour. Hence, it’s advisable to allow it to rest for ten minutes after every hour of running.


The speed range of the machine is from 0.6 to 8.1 MPH. Increments of speed adjustment have not been specified. However, most treadmills in this range of features offer increments in the adjustment of either 0.1 MPH or 0.5 MPH so that the transition between speeds is done smoothly without any abrupt jerks. The speed can be adjusted from the +/- keys on the console or from the keys integrated in the right grip.

Noise Level

The OMA 5105EB is quite noiseless (produces less than 60dB of sound) and the only sound that can hardly be heard may be of the user’s cadence. The two cushioning elements on each side of the unit lessen vibration.


Among add-ons, the OMA 5105EB features a device holder containing a small shelf placed between the LCD display and console controls. Users can place smartphones or tablets here.

Plus, there are two large accessory/bottle holders molded into the dashboard, one on each side of the console.

Power Consumption

Since the motor of the OMA 5105EB is not exactly powerful, users don’t have to worry about high electricity consumption if they use the machine every day.


When it comes to maintenance, users will have to lubricate the belt regularly. They should also keep the belt clean to prevent any foreign object getting caught in the motor or rollers. They should also check the machine regularly for broken or loose parts or bolts and rectify if there are any.

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Pros of OMA 5105EB Home Treadmill

- Solid construction for a home use treadmill

- Folding, space-saving design

- Can be easily relocated with the transport wheels

- Deck cushioning for reducing impact

- Manual incline with 3 levels of 0°, 2° and 4°

- Speed range up to 8 MPH

- Start/Stop controls and speed controls integrated into handgrips

- Pulse sensors integrated in the handgrips

- 36 preset workout programs

- 3 user programs

- Device holder included

- Accessory trays included

- Low power consumption

- Very quiet

- Easy assembly

- Low maintenance

- Affordable price

Cons of OMA 5105EB Home Treadmill

- A tablet placed on the device holder will block the console displays

- No USB port or other ports

- Console not telemetric

- No workout fan or sound system

- Short warranty

- Calorie reading is not very accurate

Bottom Line

oma 5105eb home treadmill mThe OMA 5105EB Home Treadmill is perfect for home use with its 2.25 HP motor, manual incline up to 3 levels, speed range up to 8 MPH, 36 preset workout programs, and 3 user profiles.

Those who are looking for an exercise machine for light to moderate cardio training, muscle toning, stamina development and weight loss that comes at an affordable price, the OMA 5105EB is perfect, whereas those looking for a lot of features and accessories, very strong motor and construction should consider more expensive options.

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