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Goplus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill Review

The Goplus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill is perfect for those who intend to do exercise, but don’t have time to go to a gym or outdoors, neither for assembling complex exercise machines and learning their mechanisms.

This reasonably priced treadmill allows users to walk, run, or jog on it at home or office. This is an assembly-free, folding, and portable machine with the added advantage of being ultra-thin so that users can comfortably store it away after usage.

Published: January 29, 2022.

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Goplus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill Specifications

- Motor: 450 Watt DC (Rated voltage 110V)

- Dimensions after assembling: 52 x 26 x 47.5 inches (132 x 66 x 121 cm) (L x W x H)

- Dimensions when folded: 53.5 x 26 x 5 inches (136 x 66 x 12 cm) (L x W x H)

- Weight: 61 lbs. (28 kg)

- Running belt dimensions: 40.5 x 15.5 inches (103 x 39 cm) (L x W)

- Maximum user weight capacity: 220 lbs. (100 kg.)

Features of Goplus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill


The Goplus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill is assembly-free. So, users save a lot of time and energy on assembly and can start exercising right away.

Construction and Design

The design of this Goplus Treadmill is assembly-free and foldable. The frame is lightweight and comes in black and silver colors. It’s made of iron tubes and an ABS shell.

Foldable and Portable

The Goplus Ultra-Thin treadmill is easy to fold and can be moved with the two built-in transport wheels or stored away in a convenient place like under the bed or behind a door to save space. After folding, it occupies only 0.88 sq. feet.



The treadmill is powered by a 450-watt DC power motor for a rated voltage of 110V. This is perfect for personal use.


The console of the Goplus Ultra-Thin Treadmill has a LCD display that shows metrics like distance, workout time, speed and calories burned.

The console also offers a goal-setting function for time, distance, and calories with countdown modes.

Preset Workout Programs

This treadmill offers 12 preset workout programs for cardiovascular training, increasing metabolism, toning and strengthening muscles, and weight loss. The built-in P1 to P12 speed modes offer various challenging workouts.

Maximum User Weight Capacity

The maximum user weight capacity of the Goplus Folding Treadmill is 220 lbs. i.e. 100 kg.

Running Belt

The running belt of this Goplus treadmill is equipped with a non-slip rubber surface and a shockproof design with 6 shock absorbers that offer a bouncy feeling and reduce impact on users’ joints.

The 40.5” x 15.5” dimensions of the running belt provide adequate running surface for an ultra-thin unit like this one.


This Goplus treadmill offers a speed ranging from 0.5 to 5 miles per hour.


The treadmill features a smartphone and tablet holder so that users can stay entertained while exercising.

Noise Level

The motor of the treadmill is very quiet with a volume just equal to the conversation, so that users can listen to their favorite songs or watch videos even at the top speed.

Safety Key

The unit is equipped with a red safety key with a red clip that users need to attach to their t-shirt etc. so that the machine will come to a stop in case of an emergency like slippage or drifting back suddenly.

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Pros of Goplus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill

- Strong and stable

- Attractive black and silver frame made of iron and ABS materials

- 450-watt DC power motor

- Ultra-thin folding design for easy storage

- Transport wheels for easy relocation

- LCD display that shows all important workout metrics and offer goal setting

- 12 preset workout programs

- 220 lbs. of maximum user weight capacity

- Spacious running belt equipped with a non-slip surface and a shockproof design with 6 shock absorbers

- Speed range from 0.5 to 5 miles per hour

- Smartphone and tablet holder included

- No assembly required

- Quiet operation

- Safety key included

- Affordably priced

Cons of Goplus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill

- No incline or decline feature

- No other add-ons like bottle holder, workout fan, or sound system

- No online connectivity

- No heart rate monitoring

Bottom Line

goplus ultra thin electric folding treamdill mThe Goplus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill is an exercise machine that is affordable and simple enough to operate and get adequate walking, running, or jogging exercise for increasing metabolism, calorie-burning, and weight loss, cardiovascular training, muscle building, and toning, and boosting aerobic capacity. Its prominent plus point is that it doesn’t need an assembly and users can start exercising almost right away.

Still, it has all necessary features like a spacious running belt with a shockproof design, anti-skid surface and 6 shock absorbers, LCD display that displays all important workout metrics, and offers goal setting and 12 preset workout programs with various challenges, a good speed range, and a decent maximum user weight capacity.

Thus although this treadmill is not made for health enthusiasts looking for something beyond the jogging speed, those who want an exercise machine without having to break the bank and without the fuss of assembling it and learning complex functions before starting the workout should definitely consider investing in this treadmill.

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