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Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster is heavy duty portable stepper, made out of cast aluminum. It has the same step height as the Standard Model but features larger cylinders for extended commercial or gym use. It is expensive unit, but very sturdy and durable, supporting users with up to 400 pounds.xiser commercial mini stairmaster 1

Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper Features

Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper comes with five year consumer warranty and one year institutional warranty - it is very reliable cardio exercise machine suitable not only for home gyms and home workouts, but also for commercial gyms and offices.

Unit's design is simple and clean. It is made using high quality cast aluminum alloy, making the unit rather light (it weighs only 14 lbs (~6.3 kg)), with maximum allowed user weight of 400 lbs (~180 kg).

14 pounds sounds a lot for such compact design, but taking into considerations all of the unit's features, actually it is not!

Stepping resistance is provided via patented hydraulic cylinder system, with adjustable resistance. Two pistons are filled with silicone fluid enabling the smooth and quiet operation.

When ready to be used, product dimensions are 21 x 13 x 14 inches (53 x 33 x 36 cm). For storage, Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster can be folded and stored, for example, under the bed.

xiser commercial mini stairmaster 2

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster Workouts

When in use Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster is very stable unit, and after some practice, it can be used with free hands. If you are not ready for such exercise, feel free to support your balance with, for example, two ropes in hands.

Most common workout type is medium pace stepping, mimicking standard walking up the stairs.

However, one of the benefits of unit like this is that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is possible, mimicking running up the stairs. Such HIIT workouts help increase strength and stamina, melt fats away and even help the athletes preparing for a specific athletic event.

To increase workout effect, Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster can be used with dumbbells, elastic rubber ropes, or even water bottles held in both hands. This way, workout effect on the upper body is increased, too.

Since the unit is quiet and can be used hands free, some users even use it as desk stepper, performing simple office tasks while working out at the same time.

To suit different users, Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster comes in several colors.

Long Story Short: Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper is expensive, but great portable stepper. It does come with the nice price tag, but it is so strong that user weight limit is 400 pounds (180 kg) and even this weight is not a problem. It lacks bunch of electronics, like stepping counter, heart rate monitor etc., but it will do it's job. After all, by being of very simple design, actually increases the reliability of the unit significantly.

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