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Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar

sunny twister stepper with handle bar 1There are numerous ways to lose unwanted body fat. Some users follow a strict dietary plan without any regular exercise program and some users’ workout without following a proper diet. Such users do not achieve or reach their fitness goals. If the users really wish to get back in shape and have a lean body, then they have to combine regular exercise routine with a strict diet plan. Due to their hectic schedule if they are unable to go to the gym everyday, then they can easily exercise at home on a workout machine. There are plenty of cheaper exercise machine options available in the market if the user has a very tight budget or space constraints and cannot afford expensive large sized exercise equipment like treadmill, cross-trainers etc.

Climbing stairs is a great form of exercise. It can help people lose weight and boost their overall leg strength and stamina but the same can damage the knees and strain the ankles. Keeping this in mind, the user can easily buy a good quality stepper for personal use at home. Among the various types of steppers in the market, one of the most popular is the Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar. It will help burn calories, provide cardiovascular strength, and tone the buttocks, hips, thighs, and calves and will generally provide an excellent low impact workout all in one session.

Plus Points of Sunny Twister Stepper

Heavy Duty Constructions

The Sunny Health & Fitness twister stepper with handlebar frame is made of heavy duty steel which ensures that it remains strong and steady even after several years of daily usage. This twist stepper workout machine is designed to pretend to go for a brisk walk or to do a few flights of stairs for exercise without leaving the comfort of home and through this simulated walking action, users’ body’s fitness will improve with every use. Users can use it for brisk walking or settle in for a gentle walk on the spot while doing other things like watching TV or talking to friends. Buttocks, thighs, hips and calves all benefit from walking on this stepper with adjustable resistance and height pedals that provide low-impact on the joints and great calorie-burning cardio workout sessions.


This stepper is a simple yet very effective body fitness reformer for home use that brings all the benefits of taking a walk around the block or power walking outdoors. The user can even adjust the resistance levels to make walking harder or easier depending on individual fitness levels. When it comes to beginners or starters, using a stepper can be tougher than one thinks. It is not possible at the beginning of exercise for every individual to maintain their balance while using a stepper. Yet, using the Sunny Health & Fitness twister stepper with handlebar is not a tough task. The handle bars will ensure that users maintain their balance and are suitably designed for beginners.


The pedals of Sunny Health & Fitness twister stepper are extra-large i.e. around 14” x 5” and come with a non-slip surface and are very sturdy. This feature is to ensure that the user does not slip-up and fall during the workout. It has a twist action which is pretty helpful in toning buttocks, as well as, hamstrings and quadriceps muscles. As the workout is low impact it does not put much pressure on users’ joints avoiding any serious injuries. The maximum user weight is around 250lbs. The user can remove the handles after every use for easy storage. The machine is very light and can be moved around with ease.

Digital Console

sunny twister stepper with handle bar 2With the help of the digital display console on the Sunny twister stepper with handle bar, it’s very simple for the user to keep a track of his workout progress. It gives the user all the appropriate data needed such as burned calories, scan, steps count and time spent on the stepper.

Easy To Assemble

The Sunny Twist Stepper comes in a box and installation is needed, but the process is luckily very straightforward. The installation process takes around fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.

Low Maintenance

The Sunny twister stepper is very low maintenance equipment. For safety and efficiency of the machine, the user must be sure to check and lubricate the U-Shaped iron and cable frequently. The stepper should be always cleaned using a dry cloth; it should never be cleaned using a wet or damp cloth. The stepper must be stored in a dry area free of moisture and avoid storing the same or leaving it outdoors. The user must replace the batteries of the console when required to run the twister efficiently.

Minus Points of Sunny Twister Stepper

Time Limit for Continuous Use

The maximum time limit for continuous use of the Sunny Twister Stepper is 15 minutes. If the user uses it beyond 15 minutes the hydraulics can over heat. If the hydraulics over-heat they can get damaged and they will start to make an asymmetrical noise during the workout. There are lubrication instructions in the manual that are very simple to apply and will help keep the machine from overheating. However, according to company’s customer service, the machine can handle about an hour of continuous use. The 15-minute time limit is a precaution to prolong the life of the machine. With adequate lubrication, the user should be able to use the same for 30-45 minutes each day with no problems.

No Heart Rate Sensors

The handle bar does not have the heart rate sensors and so the digital console does not provide heart rate reading.

All in all the Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bars is a simple product with an excellent low impact workout and a must buy for users based on the features it offers, effectiveness and price and for the users looking to lose weight, tone their body at home without even going to the gym or outdoors. It’s an ideal buy for users with space constraint and for those who don’t have the budget to buy large exercise equipment.

Long Story Short - Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar is simple, lightweight and inexpensive home cardio exercise machine. It has very low footprint and requires very little space for use and storage.

It is very simple unit to use and will help the user to increase daily amount of burned calories and to increase strength and stamina.

Sure, such exercise machine does have its limitations, but in the end, it gets its job done.

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