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Stamina Avari A400-300 Programmable Stepper

Stamina Avari A400-300 Programmable Stepper is a big, sturdy, and expensive stepping exercise machine. It comes with plenty of features great machine should have - if you need occasional stepping exercise, this machine is probably overkill for you, but if you need something much more, have this stepper in mind ...

Updated: April 3, 2023.stamina avari a400 1

Stamina Avari A400-300 Programmable Stepper Features

The Stamina Avari A400-300 Programmable Stepper is designed to provide a cardio workout while toning and strengthening calves, buttocks, lower abdominals, hips, thighs, and lower back and burning tons of calories.

The unit offers smooth, comfortable resistance and is very easy on the joints, which is very important, especially for people having issues with ankles, knees, and hips.

Stamina Avari A400-300 comes with an InTouch electronic monitor, offering 20 different programs, including:

  • manual,
  • 12 preset programs,
  • body fat program,
  • target heart rate program,
  • heart rate control,
  • 4 user programs.

stamina avari programmable stepper 2Stamina Avari A400-300 comes with wide self-leveling foot pedals improving stability and comfort.

The handrails feature heart rate sensors, allowing the users to monitor heart rate, enabling them to train in the target heart rate zone.

Relatively large multi-function InTouch monitor displays rotation per minute, time, calories, pulse, target heart rate, body fat measurement, calendar, room temperature, clock, and alarm, and also scans all functions. However, the monitor is not backlit, but it is easy to read.

Stepper has transport wheels for easy moving when not in use - but it is not foldable in any way. Personally, with the dimensions of 42 x 40 x 59 inches (107 x 102 x 150 cm) and 156 pounds (~71 kg) of weight, the Stamina Avari A400-300 stepper should be placed in a permanent location with at least 20-25 inches (50-65 cm) of free space on all sides of the unit.

Officially, this stepper supports users up to 300 pounds (~136 kg). However, in real life, such users may cause the unit to shuts off due to the overload.

Stamina Avari A400-300 features 90 days parts and 5 years frame limited warranty.

When the unit arrives, the unit must be assembled, which requires some time - but when done according to the instructions, it is not too difficult.

Long Story Short: The Stamina Avari A400-300 Programmable Stepper is a big, heavy, and expensive stepper exercise machine, suitable as part of any home gym or as a standalone cardio exercise machine.

The unit features many interesting features, but for such a price, one would expect stronger units that support real 300+ pounds.

The author of this review may be a little bit biased regarding steppers like this, but IMHO, if You want to have a good cardio session at home and You like steppers, go for smaller stair steppers that are much more compact and cheaper, and for the price difference, go for a good treadmill and/or elliptical.

On the other hand, if You are looking for a large, heavy, and stable stepper that features handlebars and You don't mind the price, consider this unit.

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