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Yosuda Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

Yosuda Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine is a very popular home rower, intended for both beginners and intermediate athletes who like to have regular cardio sessions at home.

Yosuda Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine is tough and durable, supporting rather heavy users (up to 350 lbs) and featuring quite and smooth magnetic resistance system.

Published: October 25, 2023.

yosuda magnetic rower 1

Yosuda Foldable Magnetic Rower Features and Specifications

Yosuda foldable rower is based on a magnetic resistance system, ensuring quiet (<25 dB) and smooth operation, allowing the users to, for example, watch TV or workout early in the morning/late at night, and similar.

The resistance system features 16 levels of resistance, ensuring a tough workout even for stronger trainees - the highest resistance is ~55 pounds (~25 kg).

Thanks to the 10 lbs (~4.5 kg) flywheel, operation is rather smooth - 20+ lbs flywheel would be even better, but that would increase the weight of the unit and probably the price, which is rather acceptable.

The rower is built using steel, ensuring support for users up to 350 pounds (~158 kg).

The rail features a 45.2-inch long slide, supporting users between 4'5" and 6'2" (~135 - 188 cm).

yosuda magnetic rower storage h400px

Yosuda magnetic rower is also labeled as "foldable," but that is not fully correct - when the unit is stored, the rail is lifted up. In such a position, the rower requires just ~2.2 sq. ft. of storage space.

Note: when stored vertically, the rower is stable, but just in case, don't let pets and kids play around it. Better safe than sorry.

yosuda magnetic rower display

A 3.45-inch (~8.8 cm) LCD display is placed little bit lower, allowing the user to clearly see all required exercise data, including Time, Stroke Count, Burned Calories, Total Stroke Count, and Distance.

LCD display requires 2x AAA batteries to operate, allowing the use even away from the wall power outlets.


Non-slip footrests can accommodate athletes even with rather large feet. Straps are adjustable, increasing safety.

The tablet holder is above the LCD display, allowing the users to see both the LCD display and tablet at the same time.

Yosuda magnetic rower also features Bluetooth, supporting the Kinomap App, allowing the trainees to workout using various rowing scenarios and even enabling the user to race.

Seat is comfortable, but when starting, limit your sessions to 10-15 minutes to get accustomed.

The drive belt is made of reinforced nylon and should last for a very long time.

yosuda magnetic rower 2

Note: when the unit arrives, it must be assembled, which requires, on average, 30-40 minutes. Also, Yosuda Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine is a very simple rower to use and maintain, but just in case, be sure to read not just assembly instructions (and/or watch the assembly video) but also the rest of the Owner's Guide.

Long Story Short: Yosuda magnetic rower is an affordable and durable home rowing machine. It doesn't give the feel of actual rowing like water rowers do, but it is a very quiet unit that can be used regularly to increase strength and stamina and to burn tons of calories.

If you are looking for a rower for your home gym, or just a cardio exercise machine for your cardio workouts, and you don't need some high-tech, expensive unit, consider this unit.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Yosuda Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine Amazon link (the link opens in the new window).

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