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Stamina X Air Rower - 35-1412 Model

Stamina X Air Rower is big and sturdy air rower which comes with nice list of features and acceptable price tag. Although rather large machine, it is relatively light for its size, but it also has relative low maximum user weight of 'only' 250 pounds (113 kg).

stamina x air rower 1

Rower is designed for home use, not for commercial use in gyms and rowing clubs.

The Stamina X Air Rower comes in distinctive black and red combination. It is made mostly from steel with only less stressed parts being made from plastic.

Since it uses air resistance system, it is not the quietest rower around, but also, not the loudest around - noisier than magnetic rowers, but acceptable for air rowers.

stamina x air rower foldedX Air Rower is rather large machine - 78.5 x 18 x 29 inches (~200 x 46 x 74 cm) and weighs around 63 pounds (~28.5 kg). Fortunately, design is foldable - front part with monitor and fan can be folded backwards for easier storage requiring less space.

Also, transport wheels enables moving rower around as required even by children and elderly, if required.

From the back of the seat to the pedals, there are 41.5 inches (~105 cm), so even taller people 8'4" (~193 cm) can use this rower with no problem.

Note: maximum allowed user weight is 250 pounds (113 kg) and such big rower, which can accommodate large people, should really have much larger maximum user weight - at least 300 pounds (136 kg), preferable 350 pounds (158 kg). Also, resistance is not adjustable, since this is simple air resistance system - however the faster one rows, the larger the wind resistance from the fan.

However, that would require even stronger frame, which would lead to heavier rowing machine.

stamina x air rower monitor

Monitor is positioned low, below rowing handle and above central rowing reel. Its visibility is acceptable, but could be better - this also highly depend on the rowing technique, of course.

Workout monitor is activated by seat movement or by push of the button and it automatically shuts off after four minutes of inactivity.

Function button is used for selecting the function value displayed on the screen. Monitor can display SPM (strokes per minute), DISTANCE and TIME, or STROKE COUNT, SPEED, and BURNED CALORIES.

All functions can be reset to zero by pressing the button and holding it down for five seconds.

Note: accuracy of the calorie counter in air rowers is not the best - it can be used for comparing burned calories from workout to workout, but don't expect these numbers to be absolutely accurate.

Also, there is NO heart rate monitor of any kind - heart rate monitor will enable a trainee to workout in the specific heart rate zone, which is very important for achieving optimal results and for people having heart related issues and who workout under direct supervision of their doctors or physicians.

stamina x air rower seatSeat is molded, but it is not padded for increased comfort. Seat requires some adjusting time, after which, one can expect longer workouts to achieve without interruptions.

If you really have issues with the seat, put a thin pillow or some thin foam tile on the seat.

Seat glides over rower's reel easily and smoothly, but, the reel is not horizontal, which emphasize the leg's push part of movement and decrease leg's pull part of the movement - note this if you really want to avoid any imbalances in your legs (do some additional exercises like rope jumping, running and similar, depending on your personal preferences).

Unlike seat, handlebar is padded, but it is rather thin and could be a little bit thicker.

stamina x air rower foot platesFoot plates are mounted on pivoting mounts, which increases the comfort during rowing.

Note: Although models 35-1405 and 35-1412 are very similar, model 35-1412 has pivoting foot plates and display more data on the monitor, while model 35-1405 has fixed foot plates and display less data on the monitor. And model 35-1412 costs little bit more.

Stamina X Air Rower requires some assembly - assembly is relatively simple and straightforward, just follow the instructions which came with the rower.

Also, monitor requires two AA batteries to operate.

Long story short - Stamina X Air Rower is excellent air rower which comes at affordable price. If you need more features like rowing programs, heart rate monitors and similar, you'll have to consider more expensive rowers. However, if Stamina X Air Rower has everything you need, and you are aware of all its deficiencies, consider this rower.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to follow Stamina X Air Rower Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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