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Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms is compact, durable and affordable home rowing machine. It provides smooth and quiet operation and when not in use, it is easily stored away. It has very good 5 year warranty on the frame, but warranty of 30 days on parts could be better.

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Stamina 1215 Features and Specifications

Adjustable resistance is smooth and provided by two hydraulic cylinders with tension controls being easily accessible.

Main beam is made out of extruded aluminum, with ball bearing roller system under relatively comfortable, thick padded seat. Beam incline can be adjusted for increased workout intensity.

stamina 1215 orbital rowing machine 2Multi-function monitor is a single button unit which shows rowing speed, distance, time, row count, calories burned, and miles rowed. Personally, I would add a heart rate monitor here, especially if you have any issues with the heart or serious excess weight.

Pivoting foot plates with straps hold feet firmly during rowing.

Rowing arms are foldable for easier storage. Stamina 1215 is very compact rower with assembled dimensions (LxWxH) of 48 x 32.5 x 27.75 inches (122 x 83 x 71 cm) and folded height of only 8 inches (20 cm). It weighs only 52 pounds (23.5 kg). Being only 8 inches tall, rower fits easily under the bed or sofa - check the height of your intended storage area before buying a rower. Transport wheels are not present, but unit slides easily on carpets and similar surfaces. It can be stored vertically, too, against the wall, but be very careful if you have small children or pets, since it can fall down (if unsecured) and hurt somebody and/or damage something.

Note: it appears that 2014 and newer models of Stamina 1215 rower have most of their plastic parts in critical areas redesigned and replaced with metal parts. Older models where around 47 pounds (21.2 kg) heavy and had maximum folded height of around 10 inches.

As said before, warranty could be better: 5 years on frame, but only 90 days on parts.

There is no exact maximum user height, but users up to 6'2" (188 cm) can use this rower comfortably - of course, this also depends on your rowing technique and your frame built. Maximum user weight is 250 pounds (113 kg) - standard maximum weight for rowers in this price range. If you are taller and heavier, you should consider larger, sturdier and more expensive rower.

Long story short - very good, quiet and compact home rower with affordable price.

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