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ECHANFIT Classic R49 Magnetic Rowing Machine

ECHANFIT Classic R49 Magnetic Rowing Machine is a well-balanced home rowing machine intended for beginner and advanced athletes who want to increase their strength and stamina and burn tons of calories.

A magnetic resistance system ensures quiet operation, while steel construction, although a little bit heavier, ensures a tough and durable rower able to support even heavier people.

Published: January 13, 2023.

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ECHANFIT Classic R49 Rower Features and Specifications

ECHANFIT Classic R49 rower features powder-coated steel construction with high resistance to sweat, corrosion, and mechanical damage.

Also, in order to save storage area, construction is foldable.

When the unit is ready for use (unfolded), the physical dimensions are (L x W x H) 75.20 x 19.29 x 33.46 inches (~191 x 49 x 84 cm).

When the unit is stored (folded), the physical dimensions are (L x W x H) 40.00 x 19.29 x 46.06 inches (~101.6 x 49 x 117 cm).


ECHANFIT Classic R49 rower weighs 56.55 pounds (~25.6 kg) - the unit is not heavy, but also not the lightest around.

But, the unit also supports users up to 350 pounds (~159 kg), and thanks to the inseam length of 46.45 inches (~118 cm), users up to 6'6" (~198 cm), making it suitable for most users.

ECHANFIT Classic R49 rower features a very quiet magnetic resistance system with 16 levels of resistance, which is good for most users - for example, rowing at level 16 is rather hard for beginners and can't be done for longer periods of time, but it is excellent for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts.

Advanced trainees can use ECHANFIT Classic R49 rower for HIIT and classic cardio workouts, but athletes involved in actual rowing events should consider more advanced and more expensive water rowers.


ECHANFIT Classic R49 rower comes with a typical simple-to-use control panel with LCD, powered by two AAA batteries (not included).

LCD monitor position is adjustable, allowing the user to set it as required. Also, the ECHANFIT Classic R49 rower comes with a phone/tablet holder that is just ahead of the LCD monitor, covering the monitor.

Note: instead of placing a phone/tablet ahead of the LCD monitor, one can also place a phone/tablet below the LCD monitor, but some improvisation is required.

The monitor displays all the required data about the exercise, including time, strokes per minute, distance, burned calories, and total strokes.

Unfortunately, the ECHANFIT Classic R49 rower is a budget model, and it doesn't feature pre-set rowing programs, doesn't feature WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, it doesn't sync with fitness Apps and similar.

But it does allow users to sit down and do their workouts.


The water bottle holder is right in front of the user, allowing the user to take quick sips and keep the body well hydrated.

The seat is thick and comfortable, featuring dimensions of (L x W x H) 15.35 x 11.81 x 1.97 inches (~39 x 30 x 5 cm) - novice athletes should start with shorter rowing sessions to get accustomed to the new rower and, of course, to increase their strength, stamina and burned calories gradually.

Footrests are large and textured, ensuring a safe and comfortable fit, with good comfort.

ECHANFIT Classic R49 rower comes with transport wheels, allowing the user to move the unit if required.

The unit is very stable, thanks to the front 19.29 inches (49 cm) and rear 15.75 inches (40 cm) wide rower feet.

To make the unit even more stable, the ECHANFIT Classic R49 rower features built-in floor stabilizers.

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Long Story Short: If You are looking for a mid-range magnetic rower, for beginners and for people who need to lose plenty of weight, consider the ECHANFIT Classic R49 rowing machine.

Advanced users may find the display perhaps too basic - it provides all the required information, but there are no pre-set programs, user profiles, WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, and other more advanced features.

But plenty of users like it because it lacks all those "advanced" features; after all, it is the user who rows and not "advanced" features.

Also, some taller users (6'/183 cm and more) complain that starting the workout is a little bit difficult due to the position of the footrests.

Personally, strength and stamina are important, but also flexibility, but that is just my opinion.

Anyway, if You are looking for a durable and simple-to-use rowing machine, consider this model.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the ECHANFIT Classic R49 Magnetic Rowing Machine Amazon link (the link opens in the new window).

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