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Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 Exercise Bike Review

The Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 Exercise Bike is designed to help every health enthusiast burn maximum calories to achieve their goal. It has an adjustable and oversized seat to make users comfortable during a workout.

This recumbent bike is particularly created for home use.

Published: January 20, 2022.

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Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 Exercise Bike Specifications

- Dimensions when assembled: 52 x 23 x 50 inches (132 x 58 x 127 cm) (L x W x H)

- Weight when assembled: 58 lbs. (26 kg)

- Maximum user weight capacity: 250 lbs. (113 kg)

- Resistance: Silent Magnetic Resistance

- Warranty: 90-day limited warranty on parts and labor

Features of Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 Exercise Bike


The assembly of the Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 is fairly easy. Users have to attach front stabilizers to the frame, then rear stabilizers to the seat frame, then attach the seat frame to the frame, then attach the handlebar to the seat carriage, then the seat and two seat supports to the seat carriage, then the backrest, water bottle holder and console, and attach wires.

The manual includes all instructions and all required tools are included. But users need to have an adjustable wrench (preferably a set of wrenches) and Phillips screwdriver of their own. However, it requires two persons and is quite time-consuming. It takes around an hour and a half.

Step-thru Design

The Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 is very easy to access and exit because of its step-thru design. Plus, users can change their position to fit their body shape and start their workout within seconds.


Since the Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 is a recumbent bike particularly designed for home use, it’s not very large-sized, its length being 52 inches (132cm) and width being 23 inches (58cm). But users have to leave a clearance of at least 2 feet on all its sides for safe access and operation.


The Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 is not very heavy; however, it’s pretty stable and doesn’t wobble even if users pedal at the highest speed. Plus, the front and rear bases have stabilizers. For the safety of the bike and the floor, placing a mat underneath is a good idea.


This recumbent bike has two stabilizers on the front base act also as transport wheels with which it can be easily relocated out of the way after the workout.

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The console of the Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 is advanced. It has an LCD display and RPM meter which help users control their workout progress all through the exercise. The display shows workout stats like time elapsed, distance, speed, RPM, and calories burned. It also has a Scan mode which keeps rotating the stats showing each for a few seconds. The console is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included).

To turn the console on, users have to press the Display Mode button. It can be started even by starting pedaling. The RPM meter is placed on the left side of the display and shows a user’s approximate pedaling pace in the form of revolutions per minute i.e. RPM.

Distance and speed are shown in both metric as well as imperial units i.e. kilometers and miles for distance, and kilometers per hour (km/h) and miles per hour (mph) for speed respectively.

By simply stopping pedaling, users can pause the console. When users finish the workout, the console will automatically turn off i.e. after a few minutes of inactivity.

Console also features a tablet or smartphone holder, but tabled placed on the tablet holder fully blocks the console display.


Note: If the console is exposed to cold temperatures, it’s required to bring it to the warmth of room temperature before inserting batteries; otherwise the console or other electronic components may get damaged.

Seat and Backrest

As mentioned earlier, the seat of the Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 is adjustable. Users can slide it forward and backward to find their perfect fit. It is shaped like a chair and has a soft cushion on the seat as well as on the backrest.

To adjust the seat forward or backward, first users have to remove two screws and the carriage plate from below the seat frame. Then they have to insert the pin on the underside of the seat carriage in the adjustment hole they want. Now they have to attach the seat carriage with the screws and carriage plate.

The backrest of the bike offers excellent lumbar support with its extra height that covers a user’s entire back.


The Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 has two sets of handlebars – one attached to the console mast and the other to the seat. Thus users can use any of them for support depending on the comfort level they desire.


The bike is equipped with SMR i.e. Silent Magnetic Resistance. This is a modifiable resistance that offers quiet and consistent operation during every workout program. It can be adjusted through a knob conveniently located on the console mast within users’ easy reach.

By turning the resistance knob clockwise, users can increase the resistance, and by turning it counterclockwise, they can reduce the resistance.

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The flywheel of this recumbent bike is very smooth and offers users an experience of actually riding on a real road as it’s inertia-enhanced.


The Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 comes with a couple of add-ons. Firstly, it has a water bottle holder to help users keep themselves hydrated during the exercise.

Secondly, it also has a smart device holder which helps users place their device in front of them and enjoy movies or other entertainment while exercising, to avoid getting bored.


Maintenance of the Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 is very easy. Users have to keep the bike clean by wiping it with a cloth dipped in a mixture of water and mild soap. They’ll also have to regularly check for any loose parts and tighten them if necessary, and replace worn parts.

They should also keep liquids away from the console and avoid direct sunlight on the console.


The Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 is supported by a 90-day warranty on parts and labor. However, users need to register this bike within 30 days of the purchase date to avail the warranty.

Pros of Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 Exercise Bike

- Easy to use

- Advanced easy-to-read LCD console with an extra RPM meter

- 250 lbs. of maximum user weight capacity

- Equipped with SMR or silent magnetic resistance

- Comfortable, oversized, cushioned seat and backrest

- Can be relocated easily with the transport wheels

- Quiet and smooth operation

- Easy assembly

- Reasonably priced

Cons of Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 Exercise Bike

- Assembly is time-consuming

- Seat doesn’t adjust for users with short legs (of height 5’4” or shorter)

- Seat adjustment is cumbersome because it should be done by unbolting 2 screws at the bottom

- Console batteries are not included

- Short warranty

Bottom Line

weslo pursuit g 3 1 w200The Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 Exercise Bike is an ideal recumbent bike for those who want to get inspired for a consistent and prolonged workout regularly. Being a recumbent bike, it exerts minimal stress on the user’s joints. In addition, it’s extremely easy to get on it and start exercising.

It offers a very comfortable seat and backrest which avoid almost all exercise-related pain and thus motivates users to exercise continuously, and achieve their fitness goals, like cardiac strength, muscle development and toning, stamina buildup, and weight loss. And of course, it’s best for recovery training for those who are recovering from illness or injury or for disabled users.

Being a low-priced bike, the Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 offers the best value for money.

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