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Velocity CHB-RGK862R Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike Review

The Velocity CHB-RGK862R Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike is one of the rarest types of recumbent bikes that offers exercise for the upper body too.

Unlike an elliptical trainer, it offers users a proper seat and backrest to eliminate stress on the back and knees, while providing upper and lower body exercise. Its owning company, CAP Barbell, is famous for stringent testing of their products to make sure they pass all the quality control standards.

Although their products are made in China, they are there in the market for 35+ years and have developed a great reputation. So, their CHB-RGK862R is expected to be a great exercise machine.

Published: January 20, 2022.

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Velocity CHB-RGK862R Specifications

- Dimensions when assembled: 50 x 25 x 51 inches (127 x 64 x 130 cm) (L x W x H)

- Weight when assembled: 97 lbs. (44 kg)

- Maximum user weight capacity: 250 lbs. (113 kg)

- Resistance: Magnetic, 8 levels

- Warranty: 5 years on frame, 90 days on monitor, and 30 days on everything else.

Note: Warranty terms may differ depending on the location and store.

Features of Velocity CHB-RGK862R Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike


The assembly of the Velocity CHB-RGK862R is not difficult and some parts come pre-assembled. Users just have to put other parts (handlebars, console, and seat) together. Manual contains instructions in the form of diagrams which are enough to give a general idea and all tools required for the assembly are included. Still, it’s recommended to have two people for the assembly and it should take around an hour.

Frame and Construction

The Velocity CHB-RGK862R has a quite sturdy construction for home use. The frame has been made of solid steel with strong ABS plastic shrouding for the drive and resistance elements.

Dual Motion

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The Dual Motion feature in the CHB-RGK862R allows users to use the bike mechanism as well as the hand exercise mechanism in one single machine. It provides exercise to the upper body too and eliminates the stress in the neck, shoulders, and back. Simultaneously, it provides exercise to the lower body.

Walk-through Design

The CHB-RGK862R comes with a walk-through design to let users mount and dismount the bike easily i.e. without having to cross a high middle bar that’s found in upright bikes.


The footprint of the Velocity CHB-RGK862R is not very large. Still, it occupies 50” x 25” (L x W) when fully assembled. Plus users have to leave a clearance of 3 feet on both sides of the unit for easy and safe access and operation.



The console of the CHB-RGK862R has a clear LCD digital display monitor which is large and easily readable from its seat. It helps users track metrics like time, distance, speed, calories burned, odometer, and heart rate.

The console has only one Mode button which users can use to select their desired mode. Once they come to their desired mode, they have to press it again to select that mode. If they keep it pressed for three seconds, the whole console will be reset.

The data displayed on the monitor is divided into two lines. The upper line shows the data of the mode users have selected. For example, if users select the speed mode, the top line will show only speed. The lower line will show scanned data. Thus, once the user sets the Scan mode, the lower line will keep showing all the data alternatively. However, if users want, they can change the Scan mode to Time mode.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The side handlebars on either side of the seat contain heart rate monitor sensors which users have to hold tight, so as to get their heart rate displayed on the monitor. Users should remember that the heart rate measurement won’t be very accurate and can be used only as a reference and not for medical purposes.


The Velocity CHB-RGK862R doesn’t require electricity to run. But it needs 2 AA batteries. Users can open the front of the console and insert batteries in the battery compartment.


The CHB-RGK862R is equipped with an ultra-quiet one-way bearing belt drive system that offers smooth and consistent strokes while pedaling. The flywheel of the unit is perimeter-weighted and weighs 5 kg. which is considered to be heavy. The heavier the flywheel, the better will be the bike’s performance. The crank is one-piece, but is solid and durable and offers very quiet pedaling.


Pedals of the CHB-RGK862R are equipped with safety straps to protect users’ feet from slipping.

Upper Body Exercise Hand Grips

As the Velocity CHB-RGK862R is a dual motion recumbent bike, it includes an upper body exercise system too as mentioned earlier. Thus by rotating the handgrips on the upper part and by setting tension with the tension adjustment knob, users can exercise their arm, neck, and torso with higher intensity.

Reverse Motion

Both pedals and hand grips allow reverse motion.


The Velocity CHB-RGK862R has 8 levels of magnetic resistance for the lower bike part. Users can adjust the resistance as per their requirement with an adjusting lever on an adjustment compartment located in front of the seat. The magnetic resistance offered by the Velocity CHB-RGK862R is also quite strong as compared to other bikes.

Quick Stop Brake

A unique feature of the Velocity CHB-RGK862R is a Quick Stop Brake to stop the operation in case of emergency. This can also be used to increase the resistance to simulate hill biking.

Seat and Backrest


The polyurethane seat of the Velocity CHB-RGK862R is padded and contoured to the shape of the users’ body. The backrest is padded too. Some users may find the seat a bit small or thin, but this issue can be fixed by placing a pillow of their desired thickness. The seat is adjustable horizontally as well as vertically.

The feature of vertical adjustment is quite unique for this price and is found mainly in high-end models. The vertical adjustment also helps users find their right posture for the upper body workout.

The adjustment knobs for both these types of adjustments are, however, a bit difficult to operate and users have to step out of the bike to adjust them. This can be a hassle especially if multiple users of different heights and sizes in a household use the bike.

Since the seat assembly can be adjusted vertically too, there are no height restrictions suggested by the company. Thus users of virtually any height can use this bike.

Stabilizer Bars

There are two stabilizer bars attached to the base of the Velocity CHB-RGK862R to support and stabilize the unit and prevent wobbling while users exercise on the bike. The rear stabilizer is adjustable, whereas the front one has transportation wheels that facilitate the relocation of the unit.

However, the unit is quite heavy, and assembling it in the same room where users will use it in the future is a good idea so that they don’t have to relocate it.

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Pros of Velocity CHB-RGK862R Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike

- Construction strong enough for home use

- Great stability

- Exercise to upper as well as lower body in one machine

- User of any height can use this machine

- Maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs.

- Magnetic resistance with 8 levels

- Heart rate monitoring sensors on the seat handlebars

- Smooth and quiet operation

- Easy to use console

- Padded and contoured seat and backrest that can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally

- Portable with the transportation wheels on the front base

- Easy assembly

Cons of Velocity CHB-RGK862R Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike

- No heart rate sensors on the handgrips in the upper body exercise system

- The seat may be a little small and thin for some users and an extra cushion may be required

- Seat adjustment knobs for both directions are not very easy to operate and users have to step down to adjust them

- Console not backlit

- Console doesn’t track fitness metrics of the upper body exercise system

- No add-ons like fan, sound system or water bottle holder

- Assembly may need two people to finish in one hour

Bottom Line

velocity chb rgk862r mThe Velocity CHB-RGK862R Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike is a unique recumbent bike that offers exercise for both the upper and lower body. Thus users can strengthen not only their leg muscles but also the muscles of the neck, arms, and torso.

This is very good for improving cardiac health, building stamina, and for weight loss as well as for recovery training. It offers some nice features for the price like strong construction, 8 levels of magnetic resistance, and smooth operation.

Thus for those who are looking for upper and lower body exercise in one machine with a proper seat and backrest unlike an elliptical trainer, the Velocity CHB-RGK862R is a very good machine. However, if one doesn’t need upper body exercise in the same machine, they can get other better products at the same price.

For the most up-to-date offers and prices, feel free to follow Velocity CHB-RGK862R Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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