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Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike Review

The Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike is a fan bike that is mid-range both in terms of price and features.

It’s positioned just in the middle of AD2 and AD7 in the range of fan bikes by the company. Since it’s a fan bike that offers a full-body cardio workout, fitness lovers have many expectations from the AD6 about its quality and performance.

They are also curious to know whether the bike is significantly different from its cousins and worth paying the added price or if it’s a better idea to buy the cheaper model and save a little cash. Therefore, it’s interesting to know what exactly the AD6 has to offer and whether it’s superior to others or not.

Published: July 26, 2022.

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Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike Specifications

- Dimensions: 49.7 x 25.7 x 50.9 inches (126.3 x 65.2 x 129.2 cm) (L x W x H)

- Weight: 115 lbs. (52.2 kg)

- Power requirements: 2 AA batteries (1.0 – 3.3VDC)

- Maximum user weight capacity: 300 lbs. (136 kg)

- Warranty: 10 years on frame, 2 years mechanical, 1 year electrical, 6 months on labor

Features of Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike


Assembly of the AD6 is quite straightforward. The user just has to attach the handlebars, seat, console, and stabilizers.

Although the assembly manual suggests that the assembly needs 2 people, even 1 person can do it in around an hour.

However, a second person is quite helpful to make it easier and quicker as the machine is quite heavy. The instruction manual includes detailed assembly instructions. All necessary tools like a small screwdriver and Allen wrench and hardware (pre-installed) are included.

Build Quality

The AD6 has a steel frame that is sweat and waterproof. It’s also solid, durable, yet lightweight. The bike’s torque belt drive is durable too and creates perfect wind resistance for users’ workouts.

Maximum User Weight Capacity

The AD6 has a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs. This is fairly good for a mid-range bike. It shows that the bike is strong and durable enough to handle most users. It’s also 50 lbs. more than its younger cousin AD2.

But heavier users might want to consider the AD7 with its maximum user weight capacity of 350 lbs.


The AD6 can be easily relocated to wherever users want to place it, thanks to its transportation wheels that are placed on the front stabilizer. Users just have to lift the rear stabilizer carefully to lift the machine to bring it onto the transport rollers. They should make sure the fan assembly is clear of the floor.

Compact Design

Despite having a large fan on it, the AD6 is very compact. It has a small footprint of just 50” x 26” (8234.8 square cm), so that users can store it in a closet or a small corner when not in use.


The AD6 comes with 4 levelers that keep it stable while a user exercises.


Seat of AD6 is larger and has slightly more cushioning than that of the AD2. Also, if a user is not happy with the seat, they can replace it with any other bicycle seat of their choice, which they can’t with the seat of AD2.

Users can adjust the height of the seat by pulling or loosening the Seat Post Adjustment Knob in the seat post. They should not lift the seat post above the “STOP” mark on the seat post.

However, they cannot adjust the horizontal position (front and rear) of the seat, and even they cannot do so with the seat of AD2. But Schwinn has provided this feature in their highest-end fan bike AD7.

This limits the users’ ability to customize their position on the AD6. Shorter and taller users might have issues with this ‘one size fits all’ design.


As compared to AD2, Schwinn has made some upgrades to the bike’s console. While the AD2 has a very small screen, the screen of AD6 has a significantly larger LCD screen, due to which it’s easier to view all the workout metrics the user may need to view.


These include time, distance, speed, watts remaining, calories burned, and pulse. Users can choose English (Imperial) or Metric settings with the Console Service Mode.

The Watts field displays the power that the user is producing at their present resistance level (1 horsepower = 746 watts).

The console also has an Odometer (“Odo”) which displays the sum of all workout distances. It’s displayed when the user pauses a workout or as an alternative in the “Console Service Mode.”

Another important upgrade on AD6 over AD2 is that users can view all their metrics at the same time on the console. AD2’s console could show only one metric at a time in a constant scan mode.

The console also has a small yet prominent RevMeter RPM gauge on the top that offers a visual representation of how fast the user is pedaling. This nice little improvement may be helpful in motivating users during their workout.

Another great upgrade over AD2 is the addition of telemetry heart rate monitoring so that users can ensure they are in the right cardio or fat-burning zone.

However, unfortunately, a chest strap is not included. But the AD6 is compatible with uncoded Polar or Polar compatible 4.5kHz to 5.5kHz chest straps (coded straps won’t work).

An icon will flash when the console detects a signal from a telemetric heart rate strap, whereas the value will be blank if the signal is not detected. The heart rate displayed is just an approximation and should be used just for reference.

The keypad on the console has a DECREASE button to decrease a value (time or altitude) or move through options, indicated by a downward arrow, START/STOP button which starts a Program workout, confirms a selection, and finishes a paused exercise if held down for 3 seconds, and INCREASE button to increase a value (time or altitude) or move through options, indicated by an upward arrow.

The console will enter a Power-Up/Idle Mode if any button is pressed or if it receives a signal from the RPM sensor caused due to pedaling the machine. If the console doesn’t receive any input in around 5 minutes, it will enter an Auto Shut-Off (Sleep) Mode and the LCD display is off. The console doesn’t have an On/Off button.

A drawback here is that the console is not backlit and hence, users may not be able to read the numbers while exercising at night or when the light is dim.

The console is powered by 2 AA batteries. The machine has no power cords which means that no electricity is necessary to operate this bike. If the batteries are around 10% of their rated power during Power-Up, the console will display “Lbatt”.

RevMeter RPM Guage

The RevMater RPM Guage is a special feature on the AD6. It helps users track their RPMs all through their workout and can be easily seen at the top of the LCD. The more the RPMs, the more resistance would be created when users pedal.

Unlimited Resistance by Fan’s Blades

If one doesn’t know what Airdyne is, one should understand that Airdyne is a fan bike by Schwinn.

Fan bikes also known as air bikes and are named so because they create their resistance by the rotating blades attached to the flywheel of the bike. As the user pedals, the flywheel (with the attached fan blades) spins.

The faster the user pedals, the more difficult pedaling becomes because the blades push harder through the air (creating strain). This resistance system offers unlimited potential resistance.

The harder the user pushes, the more resistance they would feel. Thus, the user controls the intensity of their exercise depending on how hard they pedal. Thus, they can perform even a more casual workout.

Shrouding for Safety

There is no chance for users’ clothes or anything else getting trapped in the fan because of the shrouding on the BioSynch linkage system. So, users can exercise without any worries.

Quiet Fan

Users don’t have to worry about the fan's noise because the fan is frictionless and, therefore, super-quiet so that it won’t wake up the sleeping family members, nor will it come in the way of the user’s watching TV or listening to music, etc. It may become somewhat louder at top speeds, but not to the extent of being annoying. Being frictionless makes exercising easy for those with arthritis.


Users may feel a little breeze while exercising due to the fan. However, the fan is designed in such a way that most of the breeze created is projected forward and not directly into users’ faces.

Foot Pedals

The self-balancing pedals on the AD6 offer greater motion control and come with textured surfaces and adjustable foot straps to prevent accidental falls.

Upper Body Workout by Handlebars

The AD6 comes with moving handlebars for an upper body workout. The movement of these handlebars are synced with that of the pedals. Thus, users can move their arms and legs together comfortably. Although this is normal for fan bikes, those who haven’t used such a bike so far may have to get a little used to it.

If a user wants to work just with their arms, they can do so. They can rest their feet on the small foot pegs on each side and can work only their upper body.

Also, if the user wants to work their leg muscles, they can do so because the handlebars can be set not to move.

Muscles Worked

As one can see, the AD6 works both on upper and lower body muscles. It works the forearms and triceps and also quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves


The AD6 comes with a few yet useful add-ons.

The first one is a bottle holder to help users keep themselves hydrated.

Then there are two more accessories that users have to buy separately if they want them. The first one is a reading rack where users can place iPad, magazines, and other reading material.

The other one is a windscreen.

Warranty and Money-back Guarantee

The AD6 is backed by a 10-year warranty on frame, 2-year mechanical warranty, 1-year electrical warranty and 6-month warranty on labor.

Schwinn also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, although shipping and restocking is excluded from the refund.


The AD6 needs very little maintenance.

Before each use, users need to examine the machine for broken, loose, worn, or damaged parts.

After each use, they have to wipe the bike, console, and fan with a damp cloth to keep them clean and moisture-free. Petroleum-based and ammonia-based products and automotive cleaners shouldn’t be used to clean the machine.

For smooth seat operation, a thin coating of 100% silicone lube can be applied sparingly if needed. Every month or after 20 hours of use, users should make sure all bolts and screws are tight. The belt is designed to last for years without any tuning up. Just with this little maintenance, the bike will run for years.

schwinn ad 6 airdyne 2

Pros of Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike

- Durable, sturdy design

- Strong yet lightweight steel frame

- Sweat-proof and waterproof frame

- Durable torque belt drive

- 300 lbs. maximum user weight capacity

- Transportation wheels for easy relocation

- Compact design for easy storage

- Excellent stability

- Large, extra-padded seat for comfort

- High-resolution LCD display

- RevMeter RPM gauge

- Telemetry heart rate monitoring

- Unlimited resistance by fan’s blades

- Quiet yet breezy fan

- Shrouding on BioSynch linkage system for a safer workout

- Handlebars for upper body workout

- Total body workout is offered when users operate handlebars and pedals simultaneously

- Foot pegs to rest feet on

- Pedals with textured surfaces and adjustable foot straps to prevent slippage

- Water bottle holder included

- Excellent warranty

- Easy assembly

- Easy maintenance

Cons of Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike

- The LCD display is not backlit and makes it hard to read the workout stats sometimes

- Seat not horizontally (front and rear) adjustable

- Users have to step down to adjust the height of the seat

- Heart rate chest strap not included

- Reading rack and windscreen have to be purchased separately

- Some users find clunking noise after a few weeks of operation

Bottom Line

When a fitness enthusiast wants to think about whether the Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike is the right option for them or not, they may want to consider its features, maximum user weight capacity, and warranty.

Being an air bike, the AD6 offers unlimited resistance, which is great for fitness lovers who enjoy HIIT-style exercise or other types of interval training.

The AD6 offers just that but with a low impact, for which the users’ knees and other joints will be thankful. Thus, the AD6 will help health lovers get an intense cardio workout, build and tone upper and lower body muscles, build stamina, burn calories and lose weight in a comfortable and enjoyable way.

The console the bike offers is also decent, is compatible with telemetry heart rate monitors, and is equipped with a RevMeter RPM gauge to help users track their RPMs and increase or reduce them to get higher or lower resistance as per the requirement.

The assembly of the bike is also pretty easy and quick so that users can get the bike up and running quickly.

The weight capacity and warranty are other pluses of the AD6. Although the bike makes a metallic clunking noise after a few months of use as observed by a few users, the warranty is pretty solid, and if a user gets this issue, it might be covered by the warranty or they can return the bike within 60 days to get their money back.

This shows the confidence Schwinn has in their product. All in all, the AD6 is a heavy-duty exercise bike any fitness lover may love to have.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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