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Nautilus U614 Upright Bike Review

The Nautilus U614 Upright Bike is a high-quality yet low-priced upright bike for home use with a solid construction and a number of features including 20 levels of ECB magnetic resistance, 22 workout programs, a balanced flywheel, two integrated levelers, angle-adjustable handlebars providing comfortable riding positions that can match those in a spin bike and a large mid-frame support that offers users a solid and stable bike platform.

It’s an appropriate bike to burn one’s daily extra calories and thereby shed pounds. Since it’s an upright bike, it works just like an outdoor bike and offers cardio workout with low impact on joints.

Updated: December 30, 2020.

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Nautilus U614 Upright Bike Specifications

- Dimensions when assembled: 41.8L x 21.6 x 57.6 inches (104 x 55 x 146 cm) (L x W x H)

- Weight when assembled: 68.1 lbs. (30.9 kg)

- Maximum user weight capacity: 300 lbs. (136 kg)

- Resistance: Adjustable, 20 levels

- Warranty: 10 years on frame, 2 years on parts, 1 year on electronics and 90 days on labor

Features of Nautilus U614 Upright Bike


The assembly of the Nautilus U614 Upright Bike is pretty easy. Its main parts i.e. drive and brake systems come already assembled. The user’s manual walks users through the assembly process which has 10 easy steps.

Users have to attach bike’s bases, seat posts, seat, stabilizers, handlebars, console, water bottle holder, and pedals, connecting all the wires accordingly. This may take around an hour for one person. All the tools required for assembly are included in the package.


The wide tubular frame of the Nautilus U614 Upright Bike is made of steel and is coated with anti-corrosive paint that is capable of keeping the bike looking like new even after years of use. The drive mechanism shroud is the only plastic part in the construction.

Even though it’s small-sized, the bike is quite solid, sturdy and stable, and can support users of weight up to 300 lbs. (136 kg).

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The Nautilus U614 has a quite ergonomic design, although it doesn’t offer the comfort of a recumbent bike. It doesn’t exert any strain on users’ back and the seat can accommodate even very heavy users, sans any problem.


The bases of the frame have levelers which add to the bike’s stability if used on uneven flooring.


Being a stationary upright bike, the Nautilus U614 takes up a very small space and is just right for small homes.


The front base of the Nautilus U614 features transportation wheels due to which the bike can be easily relocated.


The Nautilus U614 has a DualTrack console with two LCD windows featuring a range of functions that can result in a fine workout monitoring and enhanced comfort.

nautilus u614 console

The console is quite similar to that of the Schwinn 130. It displays as many as 13 different workout stats like time, distance traveled (in miles and km), speed, RPM, pulse, level, calories, intensity, program, goal, user, heart rate zone and achievement.

Users can adjust resistance levels exclusively through the console. It features 4 slow adjustment buttons and 10 quick adjustment buttons. This makes it easy for users to jump from low to high intensity of resistance.

Workout Programs

The unit features 22 workout programs, including 9 profile (3 Mountain Rides, 3 Fun Rides, 3 Challenges), 8 heart rate (4 Beginner, 4 Advanced), 2 custom, 2 fitness tests (1 Beginner, 1 Advanced) and 1 quick start.

Goal setting and tracking functions are also available which can be highly motivating.

There are also 2 user profiles available. So, two people can use the bike without having to change all the settings and goals every time they exercise. Or only one person can also alternate between 2 exercising routines. Since the device features an internal battery, all the data will be saved even if users unplug the machine.

The console features a USB port with which users can transfer their workout data on a USB and then upload it to apps like Nautilus Connect or MyFitnessPal. This way they can track and analyze their progress in a better way.


The Nautilus U614 Upright Bike is a belt-drive exercise machine due to which if offers a very smooth and silent ride. Its crank is heavy-duty and can support the user’s entire standing-up weight. Its flywheel is perimeter-weighted to add to the smoothness, although it’s not very heavy as in spinning bikes.

The crank arms feature standard pedals having toe straps. They don’t feature clips for spinning shoes.

Brake System

The Nautilus U614 features an eddy brake system which means that users have to plug it in a wall electric outlet so as to take the benefit of the tension levels. If it’s not connected to an electric socket, users can’t get the benefit of any resistance levels and the bike’s computer won’t work.

There are 20 resistance levels offered by the brake system from very low, perfect for recovery training and physiotherapy to very high for more intense muscle burn. 10 quick adjustment keys make it easy to go from easy to hard workout.


The seat of the Nautilus U614 is padded, contoured, comfortable and vertically adjustable. If users are looking for horizontal adjustability, they should look for the Nautilus U616 Upright Bike instead.

nautilus u614 seat

The seat of the U614 can be adjusted high enough to accommodate even tall users of height up to 6’5″ (195 cm) (this is questionable) and as short as 4’10” (147 cm). The distance between the seat at the highest setting and the lowest pedal is 39″ (99 cm).

Seat post system on the U614 enables easy seat exchange.


Handlebars of the U614 are not vertically adjustable but they are angle-adjustable. So, users can tilt them upward, downward or forward before fixing them in place, based on the workout they want to perform.

Handlebars have nice rubber foam padding for a comfortable grip, even if one’s hands become sweaty. They also integrate heart rate sensors.


The Nautilus U614 also offers several add-ons.

Firstly it offers acoustic chamber speakers with a standard jack in which users can connect to their phone, tablet, or MP3 player and listen to their favorite music while exercising without the inconvenience of earphones. The audio port can also be used for the slow charging of users’ devices.

Also, the unit has an integrated 3-speed workout fan to keep users cool.

Plus, there is a tablet-holder as well as a bottle holder.


The U614 doesn’t require much maintenance. Users just need to keep the bike clean and check for any loose parts and screws, and tighten them if required. Also, they should keep the console free of moisture.

Pros of Nautilus U614 Upright Bike

- Sturdy durable construction

- 300 lbs. of maximum user weight capacity

- Excellent stability

- Easy to use

- DualTrack console with two LCD windows

- 22 workout programs

- 2 user profiles

- Goal setting and tracking functions

- 20 resistance levels

- Workout stats can be transferred to the USB and then on apps like Nautilus Connect or MyFitnessPal

- Vertically adjustable and exchangeable seat

- Heart rate sensors integrated in handlebars

- Angle-adjustable handlebars that offer comfortable riding positions

- Sound system included

- 3-speed workout fan included

- Tablet holder and bottle holder included

- Quiet operation with eddy brake system and belt drive

- Small footprint

- Transportation wheels for easy relocation

- Easy assembly

- Very low maintenance

- Affordably priced

Cons of Nautilus U614 Upright Bike

- Display is not backlit

- Seat not horizontally adjustable

- Console not telemetric

- No Bluetooth connectivity

- Not as claimed by the company, users of height 6’5” may not be very comfortably accommodated even with the highest seat setting; but this can be solved by adding another thicker gel seat to the bike’s own seat

- No lifetime warranty on frame

Bottom Line

The Nautilus U614 Upright Bike is an excellent upright exercise bike for home use that offers a lot of features for its price. It’s very sturdy and solid, and has 20 levels of resistance that make it appropriate for users looking for recovery training and physiotherapy as well as those who are looking for a more intense workout. Plus, it offers 22 workout programs.

Thus this machine is great for light to medium cardio training, interval training, muscle buildup and toning, calorie burn and weight loss, and also for recovery and physiotherapy. Also, its ease of use makes it suitable for users of all proficiency levels. All in all, this machine delivers an excellent price to quality ratio.

For the most up-to-date offers and prices, feel free to check Nautilus U614 Upright Bike Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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