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Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike Review

The Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike has been designed in such a way that one can hardly find a fault in it. This mid-range bike designed for home use has been made perfect in terms of features, quality as well as price.

It’s an upgrade over the Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike with a backlit LCD display, more number of (29) preset workout programs, more (25) resistance levels, Bluetooth connectivity to download workout data and heart rate monitoring along with the ability of using a chest strap. Plus, it offers a number of other features including a 3-speed workout fan and built-in speakers that make its operation comfortable and enjoyable.

Published: January 21, 2022.

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Specifications of Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

- Dimensions: 65.3 x 28.3 x 49.6 inches (165.8 x 71.9 x 126 cm) (L x W x H)

- Weight: 91.9 lbs. (41.7 kg)

- Power requirements: Voltage 9VDC, current 1.5A

- Maximum user weight capacity: 300 lbs. (136 kg)

- Resistance: Magnetic, 25 levels

- Warranty: 10 years on frame, 3 years on parts, 3 years on electronics, and 1 year on labor

Features of Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike


Assembly of the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike is not complicated but may need 2 persons. Users first have to attach stabilizers to the frame, then attach the seat rail end cap to the frame assembly, and then the seat frame assembly to the seat rail.

Next, they should attach seat pads and then cover. Next, they should attach the seat adjustment handle, and then connecting the cables, they should attach first the console mast and then the console. Then they should attach pedals, then a water bottle holder, and then an AC adapter.

All the assembly instructions are given in detail in the owner’s manual and the tools required are included.


The Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike has been made to last. It’s very strong, durable, and stable. The frame is black and has gray and blue accents. This color theme is very attractive.


Measuring 65.3” long, 28.3” wide, and 49.6” tall, the Nautilus R616 is not a particularly small bike and has a large footprint. The manufacturer recommends a workout area of a minimum of 77” x 114” (196 cm x 290 cm). Also, for safe access and operation, it’s recommended to leave a clearance of at least 24” (0.6 m) on its each side.

Step-thru Design

The R616 has a very convenient step-thru design to make the entry and exit easy, especially for the elderly and disabled.


The large footprint and sturdy build of the bike offer it excellent stability. Also, there are levelers on each side of its rear stabilizer and on the frame rail. Users can adjust them and make sure the bike is level and stable before using it.

Maximum User Weight Capacity

The R616 has a solid frame that can hold users of weight up to 300 lbs. (136 kg) and hence can accommodate users of most heights.


The Nautilus R616 can be easily relocated, thanks to the transport handle on the rear base with which users can lift the machine and the transport rollers on the front base which can move the bike to the user’s desired position.


The console of the Nautilus R616 has a Nautilus Dual Track blue backlit LCD display. It is divided into an upper and a lower display.


The Upper Display shows Program Display (the course profile of the program the user is using), Intensity Display (level of work based on the current resistance level), Heart Rate Zone Display (current heart rate zone the user falls into, like Aerobic, Anaerobic or Fat Burn), Goal Display (currently selected goal i.e. Time, Distance or Calories, the value left to achieve the goal and percentage completed toward the goal), User Display (current user profile) and Achievement Display (this gets activated when a workout goal is achieved or a workout milestone is crossed from past workouts).

The lower display shows workout metrics and can be customized for each user. The workout metrics displayed include Time (total time count for the workout, average time for the User Profile or total operational time of the machine), Distance, Speed, Level (current resistance level), RPM (pedal revolutions per minute), Heart Rate and Calories burned. Distance is displayed in miles or km, and speed is displayed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour. Users can choose between metric and imperial units.

There is a keypad below the lower display which has buttons for Quick Start (helps users start a workout without entering any information), Increase or Decrease Resistance, User button (to select a User Profile), Programs (to select a Program), Pause/End, Goal Track, Increase or Decrease (for age, time, distance or calories, or for moving through options), Left and Right (to display various workout values during workout and for moving through options), OK (to resume a paused workout, confirm information or start a program workout), Fan and Resistance Level Quick Buttons. It also has Achievement Indicator Lights.

The console has the ability to store and use 4 different user profiles and has a goal-setting function too for Time, Distance, and Calories.

The console will enter the Power-Up/Idle Mode if it’s plugged into an electric outlet and will start if the user pushes any button or starts pedaling. It will automatically enter the Sleep Mode i.e. it will shut off if it remains inactive for around 5 minutes, unless it’s in the Demonstration Mode.

Although the console has many functions and keys, it’s not very complicated and users don’t have to be strictly tech-savvy to learn using it.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The bike offers heart rate monitoring through Contact Heart Rate sensors that are installed on the seat handlebars as well as through a telemetry HR chest strap transmitter that operates in the range of 4.5 kHz - 5.5 kHz. The chest strap should be a Polar Electro or a POLAR compatible model.

Preset Workout Programs

The R616 is equipped with 29 preset workout programs which not all other brands offer though they might cost thrice as much as this bike. These programs bring a great variety in users’ workout regimens as they are organized into categories like Fun Rides (Rolling Hills, Ride in the Park, Easy Tour, Stream Crossing), Mountains (Pike’s Peak, Mount Hood, Pyramids, Summit Pass) and Challenges (Uphill Finish, Cross-Training, Interval, Stairs).

In addition, there is a Fitness Test Program that measures the improvements brought to the user’s fitness level. It compares the user’s power output (in watts) to their heart rate. As their fitness level (Beginner [BEG] or Advanced [ADV]) improves, their power output will increase at a specified heart rate.

Next, there is a Recovery Test Program which displays how fast the user’s heart recovers from a workout state to a more restful state. Improved recovery indicates increased fitness.

Plus, there are Heart Rate Control (HRC) programs that let users set a heart rate goal for their workout.
Then there is a Custom Program that lets users select the type of Goal (Time, Distance, or Calories) and set the resistance level for each interval to generate a personalized workout. Each user profile can have one custom workout.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The R616 is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and can sync wirelessly with the “Nautilus Trainer” Fitness App on supported devices. Thus users can track time, distance, total calories burned, and more. The app can record and store every workout for quick reference. What’s more, it syncs users’ workout data automatically with MyFitnessPal and Under Armour Connected Fitness to make achieving the daily calorie goal easier for the users.

Users can even access the Explore the World app and digitally immerse themselves in a world of virtual courses, exotic locations, and spectacular trails from across the world. The app offers 3 free courses and users can unlock more by subscribing to the app.

Also, since the bike provides Bluetooth connectivity, users can use a number of other apps that have a digital partnership with Nautilus.

Virtual Reality Experience

The bike has another special feature that helps it support a Virtual Reality (VR) experience on supported devices.

Seat and Backrest


The seat of the R616 is padded and adjustable along the sliding rail. Recumbent bikes, as one of their comfort features, offer seats that are wide, unlike that of spin bikes, and this bike is no exception. Its padded and wide seat is very comfortable. There is a handle below the seat, pulling or pushing which, the seat can be adjusted.

The backrest further adds to the comfort because it’s not only ventilated but also a little reclined and thus offers perfect lumbar support.


The R616 comes with two sets of handlebars – one on the console mast and the other on the seat. The seat handlebars have stainless steel heart rate sensors integrated into them.

To get the most accurate reading of heart rate, the user should hold the sensors neither too tight nor too loose. The front handlebars provide great support to users, especially the elderly, injured, or disabled while mounting or dismounting the bike.


Nautilus states that the Nautilus R616 has a perimeter-weighted flywheel; however, they haven’t mentioned its exact weight. But users should not be much concerned about the flywheel weight of recumbent bikes because recumbents are mainly bought for comfortable exercise and not for the most intense workout possible.

Heavy flywheels offer more resistance and a smooth ride; but for a comfortable ride, one doesn’t need a heavy flywheel.

The weight of the flywheel of the R616 is around 13 lbs. which is pretty light, but it’s also pretty standard for recumbent bikes in this price range.

What’s important is that this bike has a belt drive and magnetic resistance system, with which it is capable of offering a very smooth and quiet ride.


The bike offers 25 levels of ECB magnetic (eddy current) resistance. ECB is supposed to be the quietest and best type of magnetic resistance. Resistance can be adjusted from the console which has quick keys too for this purpose.


Pedals of the R616 come with toe straps to prevent slippage.


The Nautilus R616 offers an impressive number of additional comfort features.

Firstly it has a media shelf just below the upper display where users can place their phone, tablet, book, or magazine.

Next, below the keypad, there are two add-ons. In the middle, there is a workout fan with 3-speed settings to keep users cool during the workout. Plus, there are two built-in speakers flanking the fan with which users can enjoy their favorite music or other entertainment.

Then there is a water bottle holder on the left side of the seat, which users can use to store other items too, like keys, TV remote, phone, etc.

Last but not the least, this bike provides a USB charging port too.


Maintenance of the Nautilus R616 is very easy. Users have to keep the console free of moisture, clean it with a damp cloth (and completely dry it), keep any dust or dirt away from the bike and regularly check if there are loosened bolts and parts, and tighten them if required, and look for any signs of damage or breakage and get them repaired or replaced immediately.

They can even make sure if the operation is smooth and apply a very thin coating of silicone lube if required for easy operation.

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Pros of Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

- Strong, sturdy frame

- Excellent stability

- Lifting handle and transportation wheels included for easy relocation

- Step-thru design

- 300 lbs. maximum user weight capacity

- Multifunctional yet easy-to-use Nautilus Dual Track blue backlit LCD display

- 29 preset workout programs

- Quiet magnetic resistance with 25 levels

- Perimeter weighted balanced flywheel

- Front as well as seat handlebars

- Heart rate sensors integrated into the seat handlebars

- Adjustable padded wide comfortable seat with vented backrest

- Bluetooth connectivity to enable users to store their workout data on various fitness apps

- Virtual reality experience

- Pedals with toe straps to enable users to secure their feet

- Workout fan included

- Speakers included

- Media shelf included

- Water bottle holder included

- Easy assembly

- Easy maintenance

- Good customer service

- Impressive warranty

Cons of Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

- A tablet, book, or magazine placed on the media shelf blocks the Upper Display

- Seat may be a little wobbly

Bottom Line

nautilus r616 mThe Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike is virtually a flawless bike for home use that can meet the expectations of a fitness lover who is looking for getting a moderate cardio workout, building muscles, strength, and stamina, burning calories, and losing weight.

Being a recumbent bike, it also offers excellent recovery training to the elderly, injured, disabled or ill users. It comes with a lot of features for the price which adds to the convenience and comfort of users. It’s been made to last, supports users up to 300 lbs. which accommodates most heights, and is backed by a good 10-year warranty for the frame. With its 25 resistance levels and 29 preset workout programs, it brings a great range of challenges and diversity to the workout.

All in all, a fitness enthusiast looking for a recumbent bike with a lot of functions and features for a reasonable price should consider having this bike.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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