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Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Stationary Indoor Trainer Exercise Bike

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Stationary Indoor Trainer Exercise Bike is great and expensive stationary bike built to last and to provide quiet, smooth and realistic cycling workout. Again, it is expensive, but what you pay is what you get ...keiser-m3-indoor-cycle-1

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Features

keiser-m3-indoor-cycle-2- Sophisticated indoor training cycle with eddy current resistance system (magnetic system) - a non wearing resistance systemthat will last for a long time since there are no parts that are touching each other and causing possible performance and maintenance issues;

- Offers infinitely adjustable resistance system for challenging workout - this is gym grade exercise bike, designed to be used not only by amateur athletes, but also a professional athletes requiring much more than just spinning the wheel;

- Smooth, whisper-quiet operation - great for people who likes to watch TV or listen to music, or work out early in the morning while others are still sleeping etc.

- 4-way adjustable seat - designed to accommodate people of different height and give them comfort while working out;

- Computer tracks time, distance, calories, heart rate and power output - great for keeping workout at desired level;

- Adjustable Shimano combo pedals  - they firmly keep feet on the pedals, so be sure not to use just pushing movement by your feet, which is common error by beginners. Using full circle for applying force on the pedals improves your cycling abilities and increases strength and stamina even more;

- Water bottle holder - helps in keeping things tidy and keeps water close for regular hydration during exercise;

- 3-year warranty - before purchasing equipment that is this expensive, check warranty terms and be sure to read the manual before using this bike;

- Bike has very durable construction with most parts made out of corrosive resistant materials - virtually maintenance free;

Although it is not the lightest exercise bike around (85 pounds, 40kg), it has transport wheels for moving the bike around - recommendation: position the bike where you like to exercise, keep it there and exercise as you please.


Few Notes:

- it is expensive; and that is all one might say against this exercise bike :o)

- 4 positions for seat is maybe little bit too little; 6-7 different positions could improve working out experience, but seat and handles are adjustable in all directions, so this is not a serious issue.

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