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JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

As such, a recumbent bike is considered an exercise machine that is easy to use but offers an effective performance. The JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike also has these qualities and is designed for all adults, particularly seniors with its easy access and exit. Especially with the advent of coronavirus, when no one can go out and exercise, or it’s difficult to exercise with the mask on, this recumbent bike provides an effective exercise right in one’s home.

Published: January 20, 2022.

 jeekee recumbent bike 1

JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike Specifications

- Dimensions when assembled: 53.5 x 19.3 x 39 inches (136 x 49 x 99 cm) (L x W x H)

- Weight: 66 lbs. (30 kg)

- Maximum user weight capacity: 300 lbs. (136 kg)

- Resistance: Magnetic, 8 levels

- Warranty: 1 year on parts

Features of JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike


The JEEKEE Recumbent Bike is very easy to assemble. The user manual provided contains detailed instructions and all necessary tools are also included. Assembly may take an hour.


The frame of the JEEKEE Recumbent Bike is made of premium steel and is sturdy and heavy-duty. It’s long and being adjustable can accommodate even very short and very tall adults equally comfortably. It’s also low so as to make getting on and off the bike easy, especially for the elderly, injured, and disabled.


Although this bike doesn’t have a folding design, it can be moved out of the way once the exercise is over, if the user wants, thanks to the two transport wheels on the front base.

Seat Assembly

jeekee recumbent bike 4The JEEKEE Recumbent Bike has an adjustable thickly cushioned seat with 9 positions to accommodate users in a wide range of heights from 4’8” to 6’5” and a range of inseam from 27” to 39”.

The seat can be adjusted forward and backward to find the most suitable position for the users’ leg length and inseam. The seat measures 12.5” (32 cm) long, 11.8” (30 cm) wide and 1.6” (4 cm) thick and the cushioned backrest measures 16” (40.6 cm) long, 12.5” (32 cm) wide, and 1.6” (4 cm) thick.

Thus both are wide and thick enough to provide excellent lumbar support to the user and eliminate the possibility of any spinal or lower back pain problem.

Maximum User Weight Capacity

The JEEKEE Recumbent Bike has a remarkable maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds.


The console of the JEEKEE Recumbent Bike features an LCD display that tracks users’ workout data like time, distance, speed, calories burned and heart rate, and has an odometer function (total distance covered) too.

It also offers a goal-setting function. When users achieve their target, they can hear a beep sound. However, it’s advisable to avoid running the bike for more than 40 minutes at a time.

jeekee recumbent bike 2


The bike has two sets of handlebars, one on the console mast, flanking the console, and the other slightly above the seat. The seat handlebars have heart rate sensors to monitor heart rate.


The JEEKEE Recumbent Bike has a dual belt drive system and advanced two-way external magnetic flywheel that has a great power and inertia. It works very smoothly and quietly so that users can use this bike without disturbing any sleeping family members or neighbors.

Resistance System

The bike provides a real challenging resistance with 8 high-quality neodymium magnets featuring demagnetizing performance for a longer life and an improved resistance over other magnetic recumbent bikes.

There are 8 levels of magnetic resistance that can be adjusted via a tension knob conveniently placed on the console mast.

jeekee recumbent bike 3


Pedals of the bike have adjustable straps to keep users’ feet secure on the pedals and avoid slippage.

Noise Level

The bike is almost silent as it produces sound up to only about 20 decibels with its dual belt which is of course quieter than a conventional chain drive.


The JEEKEE Recumbent Bike features a tablet holder on its display panel where users can place their smartphone or tablet, or even a magazine and talk to friends or keep themselves entertained through music, videos, or reading.


The JEEKEE Recumbent Bike comes with a one-year warranty that includes free part replacement, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros of JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike

- Sturdy, durable construction

- Low frame for easy mounting and dismounting, great for the elderly

- Easily portable with two transportation wheels

- Extra-wide and thickly cushioned seat and backrest to offer excellent comfort and lumbar support

- Adjustable with 9 positions to accommodate users of a wide range of heights

- Maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds

- Dual-belt drive system

- Console offers goal-setting function

- “Beep” alarm to denote achievement of goals

- Heart rate sensors on seat handlebars for pulse monitoring

- 8 levels of magnetic resistance

- Pedals with adjustable straps to prevent slippage

- Tablet holder included

- Smooth and quiet operation

- Easy assembly

- Excellent customer service

Cons of JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike

- No preset workout programs

- No other add-ons like sound system, fan or water bottle holder

- Tablet placed on the tablet holder blocks the console

Bottom Line

jeekee recumbent bike mThe JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike is an excellent exercise machine being a recumbent bike. It exerts minimum pressure on users’ joints and hence offers low-impact exercise for cardiac strength, muscle development, and toning, stamina building, weight loss, increasing circulation and endurance, and most importantly recovery training and physical therapy for the elderly and disabled or those recovering from an injury or disease.

It offers a sturdy frame, console that helps users track their progress, comfortable seat and backrest that can be adjusted for a wide range of users’ heights, heart rate monitoring, and considerably challenging 8 resistance levels, in short, everything that a health enthusiast needs, though it may not have a lot of features. Thus for users who want a long-lasting exercise bike, this bike can offer the best bang for the buck.

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