Cardio Exercise Machines

Cardio exercise machines help a trainee to increase stamina, burn extra calories and reduce body fat. Having an expensive piece of exercise equipment is no warranty of any kind for achieving desired goals, for a very simple reason - it is the trainee who does the exercise, not the machine.

Have that in mind when buying workout equipment of any kind.


lifespan 1200i 1mTreadmills are one of the most often used aerobic workout equipment found in practically every commercial gym.

They are not the cheapest piece of the equipment, but they have many great characteristics, one of them being is that they - work!

When you decide to buy a treadmill for your home, there are many things to consider like motor strength and drive system, type of console, size of a running track, treadmill weight and dimensions, warranty etc.

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horizon fitness ex 59 elliptical trainer 1mEllipticals are very popular aerobic workout machines - they mimic the natural motion of walking and running but without the stress of foot impacting the walking/running surface.

Ellipticals have moving hand grips with adjustable/variable resistance which allows one to turn cardiovascular workout into a full-body cardio exercise.

Big and sturdy ellipticals usually have no folding option of any kind, so when buying such piece of equipment, be sure to have plenty of free area and place it on the permanent position.

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 Exercise Bikes

keiser m3 indoor cycle 1mExercise or stationary bikes are one of the most common home aerobic workout machines. They are used for body toning, weight loss, conditioning, endurance training etc.

They range in models and price significantly and one must be careful when choosing right one.

Due to circular motion, stationary bikes provide low-impact exercise, which is very important for people having joint issues.

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Rowers - Rowing Machines

concept2 model e 1mRowing machines or rowers are designed to simulate the action of rowing a boat. They are one of the best fat-burning and body-building workouts - they stress biggest muscle groups in the body like back and legs.

Rowing machines provide low impact cardio workouts by putting minimal stress on hips, knees and ankle joints.

On the other hand, rowers tend to emphasize hand/back pulling and legs push movements - something to consider in order to avoid imbalances.

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multisports st 2200 stepper 1mSteppers, step or stepping machines etc are cardio workout machines that greatly vary in size, functionality and price - from small, cheap units that offer basic cardio workout to relatively big, complex and pricey units that are sometimes even combination of ellipticals, exercise bikes and steppers.

Of course, which one is suitable for you, depends on many individual preferences.

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