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Marine Dry Bags - Keeping Things Dry and Clean

Marine dry bags help keep things dry and clean regardless of the situation. When the weather gets rough, or the rowing boat capsizes, dry bags often keep things like cell phones or clothes dry and in working order.

marine dry bags 1Imagine conversation (been there, done that):
(phone is ringing)
A: Hi!
B: Hello!
A: What's up? What are you doing?
B: I am swimming ...
A: I thought you went rowing?
B: Me too ...

Updated: December 19, 2020.

Marine dry bags protect items not only from water but also from snow, dust, sand, mechanical damage, etc. There are several levels of water protection, which range from a few raindrops to total immersion.

To be waterproof, one must be very careful when using them - be very sure to close them properly, otherwise water will find its way inside and damage or destroy content.

Marine dry bags range in size from small bags used for smartphones or anything of that size (wallet, keys ...), to large bags that can accommodate clothes, boots, bottle of water, vacuum flask with hot tea or soup, phone, fire starter, flashlight, first aid kit, and other items required for rapid change of clothes, warming up and calling for help when rowing boat capsizes during cold weather, hopefully near the shore.

marine dry bags 2Marine dry bags for smartphones protect electronic devices from water, wind, sand, dust, and from physical damage. They are carried using waist straps, shoulder straps, or have rope clips. It is of vital importance to close them properly since electronic devices don't like water much :) The good thing about dry bags for smartphones is that when they are sealed, smartphones can be used inside of the bag, thanks to the touch-friendly transparent side(s) of the bag. Of course, this is model-dependent, but the price difference between transparent and non-transparent bags is, IMHO, negligible - most of such marine dry bags cost less than $15, they protect much more expensive devices, upon which can depend your - life!

Waterproof pouches with waist strap can accommodate more items than dry bags for smartphones. Depending on the rowing boat and technique, they can be around the waist even during rowing and if something happens, the rower is sure that the pouch is with him/her.

Most of such dry bags have enough volume to store a smartphone, a wallet, keys, and perhaps a few more smaller items, but that is all AND they usually don't have an option of using smartphone while sealed - some models do have a special compartment with touch-friendly, transparent side where a smartphone can be stored or they are made from a transparent material (toned to desired color and level).

marine dry bags 3Heavy-duty waterproof bags are made in various sizes and from tough and durable materials. They are mostly worn as shoulder bags and when on the boat, they are secured in place so that they don't end up in the water due to strong wind and rough seas. Remember that rowing is not just physical exercise done on calm water, but can be a true test of your strength, stamina, and your fighting spirit - it can test what are you made of ...

Such bags are suitable for various activities like rowing, boating, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, etc. Again, it is of vital importance to seal these bags properly, or water will very soon find the way inside.

Also, be sure to keep them buoyant, and avoid putting heavy items inside, otherwise they will go down with the boat. Of course, if something does happen, be sure to throw the bag in the water (it was firmly secured on the boat, right?) and follow it. Securing the bag with the rower using a thin rope is possible, but not recommended - such rope helps in retrieving the bag, but if the rope gets entangled around something on a sinking boat, it can pull an adult under surface in no time ...

Rowing is great indoor and outdoor physical activity, but whatever you do, stay safe!

If you like rowing, running, hiking, and other outdoor activities, regardless of the season, feel free to check marine and other dry bags on Amazon.

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