Other Workout Accessories

This is very broad category which includes practically anything that can be used for working out at home, or anywhere else.

Various rowing, running, lifting etc. accessories can make working out in home gyms, outdoors, on treadmills, ellipticals, rowers etc. much beneficial and more interesting, but they can also distract a trainee and hamper proper workouts.

It is nice to have a heart rate monitor strapped around your chest when working out, especially if you have heart related issues, but to have a bunch of wires connected to the body while walking and/or running, can be counterproductive and can lead to injuries.

Technology is a fine thing as long as it serves us, not vice versa.

Enjoy! :)

Reviews and recommendations of various workout accessories, ordered according to the date added or modified:

Best Weight Lifting Belts For Men and Women - Custom or Not?

lifting belts mMost male and female lifters wonder about how to choose a perfect weight lifting belt.

Choosing the best weight lifting belts is just like choosing a pair of running shoes; users should have an idea of what they need and be prepared to try different ones to check comfort, fit, and functionality. There are a lot of variables to think about when buying the first belt.

Updated: September 6, 2022.

Cycling, Gym, Rowing and Sculling Gloves and Pads

workout gloves mWhether one is planning to participate in a rowing competition to gain some fame and awards or just want to start exercising at home for losing weight, strengthening heart and muscles, or for overall health, a good pair of gloves and pads are always useful.

These gloves are normally called rowing gloves or sculling gloves. But they are not only used for rowing or sculling, but also for yoga, weightlifting, and many other activities.

Published: January 21, 2022.

Ankle and Wrist Weights

ankle and wrist weights mIt’s natural for anyone to make a wish of getting into shape or building a strong body.

However, if one is holding themselves back just because they wonder they’d need expensive exercise equipment, they don’t have to. Whether one wants to start resistance training or weight loss exercises, they don’t need to have any fashionable exercise machine, but they just need some ankle and wrist weights.

Published: January 20, 2022.

Home Gym Floor Mats - Foam and Rubber Flooring

interlocking floor mat 1mHome gym floor mats protect floor surfaces from any damage caused by exercise equipment just being positioned on the floor, absorb and dampen impacts and vibrations, prevent slipping, decrease noise, etc.

Floor mats must be tough, durable, and easy to use and clean.

Published: April 20, 2021.

Marine Dry Bags - Keeping Things Dry and Clean

marine dry bags 1mmarine dry bags 2mA: Hi!
B: Hello!
A: What's up? What are you doing?
B: I am swimming ...
A: I thought you went rowing?
B: Me too ...

Updated: December 19, 2020.

CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars

CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up BarsCAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars are, as their name says, a  par of push up bars.

During push-ups workouts, they allow deeper positions and help strengthen the muscles involved in push up motion.

Published: November 30, 2020.

ONETWOFIT OT126 Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar/Chin Up Bar/Dip Station

onetwofit ot126 mIf anyone is longing for doing pull-ups and pushups to gain some muscle strength, they, especially ladies, don’t have to join a gym despite feeling awkward. They can do the exercises they want right in their home, thanks to the ONETWOFIT OT126 Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar/Chin Up Bar/Dip Station.

This versatile equipment offers exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups and dips, and more, and is to be mounted on one’s wall, thus it won’t occupy any floor space in their home.

Published: November 10, 2020.

Fitlaya Fitness Ab Machine Review

fitlaya fitness ab machine m2fitlaya fitness ab machine mThe professional-grade Fitlaya Fitness Ab Machine comes in an attractive color combination of black and red and is an ab trainer or ab exercise equipment for home use.

It is height adjustable and foldable. It has been released just recently and is slowly getting popular due to its simplicity, and excellent durability and performance.

Published: October 10, 2020.

Adjustable Height Portable Fitness Desk by RAD Cycle Products

rad cycle portable fitness desk mAdjustable Height Portable Fitness Desk by RAD Cycle Products enables the fitness enthusiasts to workout at home or at office using whatever fitness equipment they have available and to place their laptops, tablets, smaller TVs and other required items on the required height for optimal workout sessions.

Adjustable Height Portable Fitness Desk by RAD Cycle Products support up to 44 pounds (~20 kg) and its height can be adjusted from 33.5 to 47 inches (~85 - 120 cm) allowing the trainees to use various exercise machines like rowers, bikes, under-desk treadmills or steppers and similar.

Published: January 30, 2019.

ProSource Multi-Grip Doorway Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar

prosource doorway pull up bar mProSource Multi-Grip Doorway Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar is a heavy duty chin-up/pull-up bar, easily mounted on any doorway or most of the similar surfaces, like some squat cages, racks and similar locations.

ProSource Multi-Grip Doorway Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar is a solid and very durable doorway pull-up bar which supports users up to 300 pounds (~136 kg).

Lightweight Long Sleeve Shirts For Hot and Cold Weather

long sleeve shirts 1mLightweight long sleeve shirts are very important part of outdoor clothing not only during summer, but throughout other seasons as well. Rowing on the open water exposes skin to the elements, requiring extra care yearlong. During summer, long sleeve shirts protect skin from strong sunlight, draw sweat off the skin thus improving cooling and reducing sweating, prevents skin rashes and irritations etc. And they have to look good ...

Squat Bar Protective Pads - Protect Neck, Shoulders and Back

squat bar pads mSquat bar protective pads protect neck, shoulders and back during heavy squats. They can be used for other exercises, like various bench and shoulder presses and various thrusters. Protective pads increase contact surface between weight and trainee, decreasing the local pressure on the body.