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Cap Barbell 1500 Pound Solid Test Bar 7-Feet

Cap Barbell 1500 Pound Solid Test Bar 7-Feet is expensive olympic standard barbell, but one of the best buy heavy-duty bars around. It can tolerate plenty of punishment and if you treat it as it deserves, it can last a long time.

cap barbell 1500 pound solid test bar 7 feet 1

Capacity of this barbell is 1500 pounds - around 795 kg. People involved in heavy lifting of any kind that often lift 200-250kg (400-500 pounds) will love this bar since at this weights it has almost no flexing.

Barbell comes in black finish that can be scratched off rather easily - don't buy this bar if you are sensitive to esthetics of that kind :) As said before, treat this bar as it deserves and it will last a long time. Plates with rubber coatings are recommended and some heavy rubber floor mats, too.

It has 30 days manufacture's warranty - if the bar worked well during this period, it will continue to work for ages.

When you purchase this barbell, have in mind that it can come with oily surface that has to be cleaned. Some people don't like this smell (smell of something 'new' for others), so do the cleaning thoroughly.

cap barbell 1500 pound solid test bar 7 feet 2

Sleeves swivel easily making this bar very easy on the wrists. Some lubrication of the bearings is required from time to time in order to keep the bar in perfect shape.

Bar has medium depth diamond knurled surface (knurling is not too aggressive) - good surface for strong grips, with or without lifting gloves.

Long story short - very good barbell, great for this price. Some people don't like lack of flexing when doing the olympic lifts, but that is something one must get accustomed.

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