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Body Solid Olympic Bars

Body Solid Olympic Bars are 'classic' bars - strong and durable, can accept heavy loads without problems, can last very long time. And have acceptable price tag. Of course, there are cheaper bars around, but invest once and forget about them ..body solid olympic bars 1.

Body Solid Olympic Bars Features and Specifications

- Available In Black or Silver (Chrome),

- Length choice of 5', 6'or 7',

- Full range of free weight workouts,

- 800 lbs. - 1000 lbs. Capacity,

- Each bar is sold separately.

Few notes:

- 6' bar has a 46" grip area. If you are bigger guy and you need 51" - go for a longer bar,

- black coating can get damaged with time - if you want black finish to last, use plastic/rubber coated plates,

- to protect the bar, some oil can be present on the bar. If that happen, just clean it,

- if you are not sure about length and finish of the bar, go for 7' bar, chrome finish and enjoy your workouts :)

Long story short - these are solid bars and they hold the weight - you do the lifting!

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to follow Body Solid Oly Power Bar 7 ft Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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