Home gym accessories are numerous - they highly depend on sports, individual goals and preferences, health issues, available space etc.

Some of the home gym accessories are:

body solid rubber grip olympic set 1m- Free weights are group of exercise equipment used without support or help of various machines. They can be divided into barbells and weight plates, dumbbells, kettlebells etc. Very often, it is best to buy free weights in the form of kits - combinations of barbells/dumbbells with accompanying weight plates or kettlebell sets.

- Racks and benches are very important piece of workout equipment needed for proper and safe workouts. Heavy benching on low quality benches, squats without proper racks etc. are just accidents waiting to happen.

- Pull-up bars are simple and cheap bars mounted on walls, ceilings or even in door frames. They even come in the form of pull-up bars/dip stations, as part of squat cages and racks and as part of home gym exercise machines. Pull-up bars are excellent for arms and back workouts.

- Push-up bars enables trainee to change angle and extend range of motion during various push-ups, helping toning upper body, especially body parts involved in push movements. Often, push-up bars are combined with pull-up bars for thorough upper body workouts and helping avoiding imbalances.

Of course, there are many other items which can be used for workout at home: jumping rope, punching bag, weighted vest, ankle and wrist weights, gym mats, yoga mats, balancing and other balls etc.

What will one actually get for his/her home gym is quite personal and depends on desired goals and individual preferences.

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