Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym

Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym is weight stack home gym exercise machine, enabling a trainee to do the full body workout at the privacy of home in the very safe manner. It is single station home gym machine, but since the weights and exercises are easily changed, 2-3 persons can workout at the same time.

marcy mwm 990 home gym 1

MWM-990 is equipped with 150 pounds of weights (15 plates, each plate 10 pounds). Weight stack is protected, so if anything happen, trainee is rather protected from free falling weights - very important when working out at home, alone.

Weight from the weight stack is 'transferred' using cables and pulleys to individual exercises. When working out, it is the best practice to memorize or write down number of plates, reps and sets of individual exercises, not the weights. If you want to know how much you lift in each exercise, check the following chart:

Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym Weight Resistance Chart

Weight Plate Front Press Butterfly Lat Pull Low Pulley
1  31 15 30  30
2  44  20  40  40
3  57  25  50  50
4  70  30  60  60
5  83  35  70  70
6  96  40  80  80
7  109  45  90  90
8  122  50  100  100
9  135  55  110  110
10  146  60  120  120
11  161  65  130  130
12  174  70  140  140
13  187  75  140  150
14  200  80  160  160

Note that the numbers given in the chart are approximate - they depend on many things, including the state of the pulleys, exercise machine lubrication and similar.

Also, given values for butterfly exercise are for each arm - if you are working out with 10 plates, weight on each arm is 60 pounds - 120 pounds total.

Maximum user weight is 300 lbs (136 kg) - if you weigh that much and you have at least some strength that corresponds to your weight, 150 pounds weight stack is too small for you :)

When home gym arrives it must be assembled. Assembled dimensions are 68" x 36" x 79" (~173 x 92 x 201 cm). Assembly is rather simple, but before doing anything, read the manual. If you are not DIY type of person, it is sometimes possible to order a technician to assemble it for you.

Although Marcy MWM-990 is not big piece of exercise equipment, compared to some other home gyms, it is the best practice to position it on the permanent location.

There are cheaper weight stack home gyms on the market, even with heavier weight stack, but the MWM-990 provides perhaps the optimum between size of the weight stack and the strength and durability of the exercise machine itself.

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